In this article, Weed Maps writes about Denver, being the new Amsterdam. Weed Maps is calling it the Best Weed City in the World. When people are coming all the way from Libya, South Africa, and Russia just to buy weed, you know somethings in the air. Simply put, people from all over the world have been flocking to Denver, Colorado the past three weeks–for the love of weed. While the Mile High State has long been a tourist attraction for skiers, stoners, and hikers, a majority of 2014′s visitors share the same refrain: “we came for that stuff too..but mostly the legal weed.” The New Year’s travel rush has predictably calmed down some, but recreational sales remain at a steady, lucrative pace (and price), and every day, more people are moving here or visiting Colorado to live free and get high. Because Denver has become the epicenter of both Colorado and America’s weed scene, from both an industry and stoner perspective. Read more about Denver’s impact on the weed industry in this article.


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