Venturing into the legal cannabis world can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve only bought weed from a sketchy dealer in an alley. If you’re planning a Colorado trip, where cannabis is legal, you’ll want to start is identifying a weed strain that works best for you. While the budtenders at Denver dispensaries can always offer guidance, here are the basics to understanding the indica, sativa, and hybrid options available.

Weed strain on the brain

The physical leaves of cannabis look relatively similar. Sativa leaves are tall and thin, while the leaves of indica plants are shorter and wider, like it just came back from the holidays or freshman year of college. The effects – or how you’ll feel when high – is where you’ll observe major differences between the kinds of weed strains.

Sativa is for socializing

Sativa weed strains are known for being energizing and uplifting. Smoking a sativa strain is great for when you’d like a high, but also want to get something done. For example, sativas will help you dominate a hike, write a blog article about cannabis or play some frisbee in the park. Some of my personal favorite and commonly carried sativa strains are Willie Nelson (which won the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup) and Laughing Buddha (which will likely turn you into a little giggle box).

Indicas are for staying “indacouch”

Indica strains are great for all things chill, sleepy and munchie. This means indicas are perfect if you are just trying to watch Netflix and chill, eat copious amounts of ice cream, have a really deep slumber or sit around a campfire in Colorado‘s Rocky Mountains. They bring a strong sense of relaxation and calm, and are often recommended for anxiety. Grandaddy Purple is an excellent choice if you need help falling asleep, where Pineapple Kush will give you a chill high without an immediate need for sleep.

Hybrid strains are like the cronut

If you want to get the best of both the sativa and indica worlds, then hybrid strains are your jam. If you like donuts and croissants, then you have to smoke a hybrid strain and eat a cronut–at the same time. Depending on which of the strains you’d like emphasized – either the energy of sativa or the calm of indica – your budtender can help you find the right strain. A personal favorite is Sour Tangie, which will give you a productive but calm high, all while smelling and tasting like sweet tangerine nectar. If planning a Colorado trip to experience the glorious ganja listed above, know that local dispensaries will have a multitude of strains to consider and awesome budtenders to tell you all about them. However, going in with an idea of the type of effect you’re seeking will help budtenders identify the right bud for you.


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