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Dixie Elixirs with Tripp Keber

Girl: Hey everybody we’re still here at the Dixie headquarters, we have with us Tripp and he’s going to walk us around. Some of you might be joining from our live Facebook interview, thank you for coming and others might just be coming because you’re fans of mytours.
So, I’m going to reintroduce Tripp for those who weren’t here before, so this is Tripp Keeber, he is the co-founder and the CEO.

Tripp: That’s right, welcome to all the 420 followers, it’s an absolute pleasure to host you on this amazing day, April 20th which is the really high holiday of all things Cannabis and there are probably millions of people here in the state today that are looking to race and power the Cannabis and unfortunately you couldn’t be here today at least you’ll be able to see, what’s it is like to be in a state of the art factory and diffused product facility, what I would suggest as one of the largest company here in the state or country so today we’re going to visit a place where we conduct, which we called hand to hand combat last year when we hosted it for 4100 invited guests, clearly this has not opened so this is why we allowed for this virtual tour but more than 4000 people a month this year alone on an average between now and March, January 1st to March about 50% of those are Cannabis entrepreneurs, business owners and customers, the other 50% of those visitors are broken down in to the 3 categories, let us say local, state and federal that have …………. For the law regarding Marijuana.
Regulators those who were designed to oversee these businesses like myself and business professionals to make sure we do it with responsibility and safely and then lastly law enforcement, law enforcement has intense curiosity about what we’re doing here in this facility and we’re really proud to have one of our founding principles that is transparency.
So, we’ve talked about transparency and we’ll start right here.
We can see this is not transparent glass but now it is and so we have.

Girl: Oh wow!
How do you do that?
Oh my god.

Tripp: This is what we call here, Kee fab itself.
This is right here what we call the water’s technology as a CO2 …….. Extractor, really what it maintains is super critical sealed tube fluid fractioned so we take raw plant material and place it in those vessels on the left which is 1 kilo of raw plant material each and do a process that includes, Carbon di oxide pressured in temperature to change the format of that plant so that the liquid and that liquid is the Cannabis oil that really infused in all the various products.

CameranMan: They want to see your fab, Tripp.

Tripp: So here’s my fab.

Tripp: So we actually have this type of glass because we believe that there’s tens of millions of dollars, products are being created here so we have find men and women, team Dixie in there working on formulations, recipes if you will, product development and product innovation that’d be for the next generations of Cannabis users.
You see we also have ground facility and this is where we host parties, events, political fundraisers, we have a historical perspective of some products earlier ………………………
If you look at the very top, it’s not very sophisticated ……. We had ………….. Lemonade and cherry flavors so today we have much more sophisticated delivery system.
If you see we have this

Girl: Wall of fame.

Tripp: Yeah the wall of fame
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: The mainstream media journals like yourself or ……………
Understand how marijuana is being perceived and received, it’s on magazine, it’s named, the marijuana company of mine, ours as the top 100 brilliant companies of the country last year.
So, we’re really excited to have that.
This is the one or two times that I’ve been filmed, photographed for Cannabis.
I also look like a banker because ………… Tie twice in ten years but that was one of the smelliest Cannabis I’ve been with in my entire life.

Girl: When was that taken?

Tripp: That was probably taken about 3 years ago.
So it says, November 2013 again I don’t really look like a Cannabis entrepreneur but instead a banker.


Tripp: We have here …………………… Magazine that talks about how long they’ve spent with me, filming certain way of life and we had amazing couple of days. You will see this, it’s ……………. That is doing the full page, it’s a food manufacturing magazine up there and all these major media publications, and they have really embraced Marijuana.
We’ll get you to the interesting aspects of the facility now.

Tripp: So we’re entering, what we call a car wash.
We created one.

Girl: You keep going.

Tripp: What you notice immediately is that this is much closer to the plants, you can smell it.

Girl: I can smell it.

(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: One thing that is important to notice is that we have audio and video surveillance where ever we go, so we’re not only being filmed but we’re also filming you as well.
So, this is the production room number 2, this is one of the only two rooms which remain intact while we build the facility, right above us we’ve built the second floor.
We’ve got a very strong cultural program. About 50% of our team members are under the age of 28 and these are people that are very passionate in their lives, they work hard and play these people include myself.
As you can clearly see here, we’ve got some plants here that are about to be weighed, every single gram, ounce, pound, kilo which numbers several hundred on any given month come true here, right here on this scale, all for the advantage for me as a business owner and also for the state of Colorado law enforcement division because we track our records …………
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Girl: It looks like we’ve got a quick question from Daniels.
So Daniels thank you for asking, lets read that really quick.
So regarding edible recipes, how well do they translate from non-infused recipes?

Tripp: Well trust me, not everything tastes good on the flavor profile with Cannabis ……. Gives, Cannabis gets flavor ………
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: We’ve spent 6 years creating recipes with formulations and that ………….
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: We’ve never manufactured pop ground …………..
But I’ve always wanted to create sophisticated, innovative delivery systems that the average consumer or the Medical Marijuana user embrace and one of the flatulent product is Elixir, the Elixir is 8.5 ounce liquid that is flavored ……………

Girl: The delivery system is what you’re saying how you consume Cannabis, so that could be the brownies that you guys don’t make here, I think it’s cool to have drink, the Elixir.

Tripp: Yeah, the Elixir’s company is called ……………. And at one time it represented about 50%…………………
Now we’re just continuing to bring on these delivery systems that are probably more synonymous for your average consumers. The consumer has a voracious appetite and an extensive curiosity about how we manufacture these products and how they can adjust themselves, top of those lists are massive categories………………

(Incomprehensible: Voice being covered up the Broiler)

Tripp: We manufacture ………… Massage oil, we also manufacture and distribute a ………… Personal lubricant designed for enhancement of the sexuality and so these are product platforms that we’ve seen amazing success with and we’ll manage to work with manufacturing distribution part………..

Tripp: So we’re actually looking in to production number 1, this is our main production facility, really quick a lot of this language might be a little bit beyond the average person but for manufacturing, called GMP, good manufacturing process all of our employs and team members are food, service safety certified.
They operate under, what we call …… Guide line which includes handling, ultimately the FDA, food drug administration has no interested today in interacting with us but ………………..

(Incomprehensible: Low sound and noise from the broiler)

Tripp: We do have a very strong mission statement, we have our core values.
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: It is important note that some of these assets are incredibly ……….. That we possess whether it’s products, whether they are flower or even seeds, very rarely do they stay in the facility but we have a facility which was built inside this facility but ………………..

Girl: I hope you guys heard that behind this wall is possibly the largest Marijuana ………..
(Incomprehensible: Low sound)

Tripp: This is what the products starts with, this 8.5 ……. Bottle that is an ASTM, a ….. Proof, reseal able, docile cap which holds carbonation and then we create these sleeves which then we place the sleeve over the bottle and it’s fits perfectly and then we place it through the steam tunnel and this is ultimately the final product.
So it starts here and ends there and it’s a very safe and responsible way to embrace and ingest Marijuana, again these are reseal-able, docile caps which is protected in the most viable way which is out from the reach of children.
You have the nutritional facts, you have ingredient statements and we’re the first brand of its kind to create this info-graph that educates you as a consumer that this is 5.3 milligram of THC and each one should be 30 minutes so you should not take a second dose of this without 30 minutes which prevents you from over medicating or over recreating.

Girl: So, do you just drink this up or people make cocktail of this?

Tripp: I think both.
I’ve certainly done both. This is a very powerful 90 mg and it’s equivalent to 9 doses here in this state of Colorado but we’re excited to be working within the confines of the state’s environment so the rest of the facility is work in progress because we’re investing in technology and our physical assets so hopefully we’ll have you come back and may be as early as next 4-20 to show you up what we’ve built around the other side.

Girl: That sounds amazing. I think we’ve one more question.

Cameraman: Does Dixie mainly supplies the ingredients to other producers?

Tripp: No, we’re a full ……….. Manufacturing and so we start with the raw ingredient which is Cannabis and deliver the final product what we’ve manufactured.
We also on rare occasions establish manufacturing distribution ingredients for other brands but we’re responsible for the delivery …………………………

Girl: Well this has been a wonderful tour.
Thank you everybody for joining us, we’re here my420tours has provided this …………..
Make sure you guys stay tuned for more and …………..

Tripp: Sure, www.dixieelixers.com , here’s the website and then of course on Twitter, Tripp Keber.
Thanks so much.

Girl: Bye everybody.

Dispensary Tour

Female1: Oh I want to touch up on something while I can, I have you guys all together I know, I kind of have to talk to everybody individually as well but I want to make sure that everybody understands this.
You see the yellow and the blue tags on the plant, so every plant is tracked from seed to sale so we know the …… every flake of Marijuana here.
The way they trim, you have to weigh your sticks and the stems and everything.
So the yellow ones are the medical, the blue ones are the recreational, all grown in the same building.
So you guys are getting this, anything medical that’s in Colorado.
All right.
Can you turn the music down?

(High Music Noise: People Chatting)

Female2: Going in to the Green solution.

Female2: Thank you.

Female2: So we are in to the Green Solution.

(People Chatting and Music Noise)

Female2: This all looks like a scientific lab.
This is Yetty, Black water.
(Plants name: Incomprehensible)

Female2: Here we go. Here we are.

(People Chatting: Incomprehensible)

Female2: I’ve actually not been in here before.
Nice little place.

(People Chatting: Incomprehensible)

Female2: Do you want to say anything on this store?

Male: No, I don’t know.
I always tell people to check out.

Female2: Oh yeah, look at this.
This is green tomatoes. There it is.
So just for the street price, $20.95 you can be smoking a cross joint and 10% off with coupons.
Where’s Gloria?

Male: Looks like they are not here right now.
Usually they’ll be right there with all of there ………

Female2: So basically every women in Denver is trying to get on the ……..

(People Chatting & Music: Incomprehensible)

Female2: Did you see this cross joint, like Pineapple express style?

Male2: Yeah.

Female2: It’s just for $30 or 10% off $30 and you can get a cross joint.
This is like one of the bigger dispensaries, sure many get all theirs sweet smoking devices here.

Female2: So this OG is really good, I’ve smoked that before.

Female2: Let’s see, are these the cheapest that we can get?
Oh these are ……. Dominance, so this is a …….. Dominance, you can see it in that top.
Actually this is really cool display, I haven’t really seen this.
Well when you get it, so the great part about this is when you buy joint it’s free ground and then you can dump it in to your ……. Or something.

Female2: You can buy, well the pre-rolls.
Yeah, they won’t roll it for you individually, that’d be a really great idea by the way.
They have a custom joint.
Do you see this bumper sticker that says, “My daughter is a dabber”


Female2: You can get a green solution for your car or for your house I guess.
I do like those little dime pouches, those are pretty sweet, everyone’s just going around having a grand all time.


Female2: The old cross joint.
Yeah, absolutely.
Do it up? Do it, do it. Sure.


Female2: You’re on that.

Cameraman: I’m so on that.


Female2: Going to check out.

Female2: It’s, I’m still at a ……….

Male: …………..

Female2: There descriptions are there.
On the new website?
The descriptions are there.

Male: In the new website?

Female2: In the new website are descriptions are …….




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