In this article, Travel Joint writes about World Cannabis Week and its impact on Colorado. April 20, or 420, has become the unofficial cannabis holiday and this year there will be a lot of smoke rising from the city of Denver, Colorado as they host the first annual World Cannabis Week and Cannabis Cup. The two day event is filled with rallies, concerts, festivals, guided tours, cooking classes, movie releases and of course a lot of legal pot smoking. Civil Center Park with play host to a 420 rally and concerts will be held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. In 2013 after his concert, Snoop Lion was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from High Times Magazine.  Educational seminars will include Cannabis Culinary Art, Hash Making, Lab Infusions and Home Grow Cultivation 101 and tours through a grow facility and dispensary are also provided with purchase of a ticket. And every activity during the tour is 100% legal under Colorado law. Read more about World Cannabis Week in this article.

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