Marijuana activists from across the country consider the date 4/20 a day to commemorate marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, and vouch for nationwide legalization. However, not all pot smokers use the drug as some sort of protest, or celebration of the new drug law. 4/20 has been (and will continue to be) a day our counter-culture recognizes as marijuana day. Regardless of whether the pot user’s home state has laws to sanction their use of the drug, users still recognize it as a day to get together and smoke weed. More than 50,000 people are anticipated to take part in this cannabis-culture celebration in Washington and Colorado this weekend on 4/20. This includes pot lovers from states where using pot is still illegal, some of whom are taking advantage of packaged group tours. My 420 Tours is one of the companies who is booming from the Marijuana Tourism business. With a complimentary ride to the air port, My 420 Tours takes you to a 420 friendly hotel, tours you around dispensaries, and creative cannabis cooking classes. Read more about the impact of 4/20 in Colorado and Washington in this article.



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