In this article, The Southland Times writes about My 420 Tours impact on Marijuana Tourism in Colorado. For Colorado citizens, partaking in the pot culture is easy: They can buy up to an ounce per visit and smoke it in the privacy of their own homes. Visitors, however, must hop over several hurdles, including a limit on quantity (a quarter-ounce) and restrictions on consumption as dictated by federal and state laws. My 420 Tours offers service to provide legal marijuana to out of state visitors on their tours, making their tours exclusive in Denver. Andrea Sachs with The Southland Times writes about her experience with Marijuana Tourism, exploring Mountain towns such as Pueblo. My 420 Tours is now offering Mountain Town Tours starting June 12th 2014. There is transportation arranged, 420 friendly hotel arranged, evening entertainment, and a 420 Mountain Excursion. You can find more information about My 420 Tours Cannabis Mountain tour on My420tours.com.




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