In this article, The Next Travel Vacation website covers Marijuana Tourism with My 420 Tours. Going into detail of what a My 420 Tours experience is like, you get the whole package. Tourists get the look of collective delight when they reach into their goody bags and withdraw the accoutrements for a multi-day cannabis tour — glass pipe, vaporizer pen, butane lighter, eye drops, and a couple of big fat buds — unites them in purpose, if not demographics. Even before Colorado’s law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana took effect Jan. 1, ganjapreneurs were conjuring ways to cash in on the green rush. No fewer than a dozen tour operators are angling for this new breed of Mile High City visitor. Options range from a chauffeured VW bus making the rounds of marijuana dispensaries, to multidimensional excursions like My 420 Tours’ outings, which include a cooking-with-cannabis class, visits to dispensaries and a grow facility, and transport via a snack-equipped party bus. Read more about My 420 Tours impact on Marijuana Tourism in Colorado in this article.


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