In this article, The Daily Caller writes about 4/20 and its impact on Colorado. The University of Colorado at Boulder made national headlines for its efforts to stamp out what has historically been one of the most popular days on campus — the 4/20 marijuana smokeout, which in the past has drawn up to 11,000 pot smokers who toke up on the university’s quad at 4:20 p.m. on April 20. Determined to see an end to the tradition, university officials took the unusual step of closing the campus to nonstudents and hosing down the lawn with a fish-based fertilizer that made the quad smell as appealing as an Alaskan pier. Activists were outraged, but the school’s efforts paid off so well that they’ve announced a repeat of the measures this year (minus the fish fertilizer). Besides Boulder’s celebration of 4/20, Denver celebrates the holiday as well. Denver celebrates with the huge event of the 420 Rally in Civic Center Park and the High Times Cannabis Cup. Tourism companies take opportunity of these events every year, including My 420 Tours. Read more about the impact of 4/20 in Colorado in this article.


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