TaylorMarsh.com writes about a frequently asked question in Colorado, Is Pot Tourism the next big American Thing? Colorado is the first state to be tapping the “pot tourism” trade. Business week named Colorado the Napa Valley of Weed this month. My 420 Tours has sold out their cannabis week event. Taking advantage of Colorado voters’ recent passage of Amendment 64, which legalizes recreational ganja possession and use of up to one ounce for anyone 21 and older, My 420 Tours “gives you the opportunity to fly to Colorado over the April 20th cannabis holiday week and experience legal marijuana on a guided tour of events, sold out concerts, seminars, cannabis friendly hotels, bus tours, cooking classes and so much more,” the company’s website says. Airfare and hotel stays are extra, but organizer Matt Brown says he has sold about 170 packages that range from $499 to $849 per person. Read more about My 420 Tours in this blog.


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