Long gone are the days where your only options for marijuana strains was whatever your weed guy had in his pocket. In 2016, in places like the lovely Denver, Colorado, there is practically a strain for any and every day time activity you can think of doing – Smoke Weed! If you’re wondering what strains to smoke that will allow you to be productive, creative, active, and relaxed, then look no further than this list of sativa and sativa dominant hybrid strains. Smoke weed everyday!brainstorming

1. Flo – Brainstorming – Smoke Weed

This sativa-dominant hybrid is the product of Purple Thai and Aghani indica. If you work from home and you need to be energized, focused, and have clarity of thought, then Flo is a go. If you are getting a group of friends together to plan the ultimate Colorado Marijuana Vacation, then passing some Flo around would totally help in your planning process! Basically, I am convinced that if all business meetings started out by passing around a joint filled with Flo, meetings would be 100% more productive and also way more fun.


2. Durban Poison – Cleaning the house – Smoke Weed

Originally from South Africa, this pure sativa strain is famous for being the magic elixir of productivity. Whether you love or hate to clean your house, smoking Durban Poison before you get down on your toilet, will make the whole process much more productive and enjoyable. It is also a great strain for outdoor activities that require the same tenacity as cleaning your toilet. If you’re a local in Denver, this means you can climb 14ers while smoking Durban Poison.

People socializing over pot

3. Lamb’s Breath – Socializing – Smoke Weed

This was supposedly one of Bob Marley’s favorite strains. Do I need to say anything more? For socializing and making connections with people, this strain has somewhat magical powers. Lamb’s Breath is originally from Jamaica and is famous for having an incredibly positive introspective effect and is amazing for relieving stress. With a THC concentration of around 19-25% it is slightly less potent, but its effects are very happy and euphoric. Exactly the kind of feelings that you want o have when you’re meeting new people or hanging out with old friends.


4. Sour Tangie – Everything – Smoke Weed

This is my go-to strain for pretty much everything. Whether you’re a local living in Denver just trying to relax on the weekend or if you’re a marijuana tourist enjoying your Colorado pot vacation, this should be a go-to strain for any activity. Sour Tangie is 80% sativa is also another high THC strain (usually about 16.8%). Since it is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, it is creative, elevating, energizing, and uplifting. Better yet, the citrus overtones are refreshing and delicious.


5. Blue Dream – Physical Activity – Smoke Weed

This strain is truly a dream in regards to everyday productivity, but also for outdoor adventures like hiking or running. Better yet, it can be purchased at most recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver. Blue Dream has a high THC concentration (usually about 16.6%) and is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain originating in California. As a result of it being a cross between Blueberry, a pain relieving indica and an energizing sativa haze, its effect is the perfect balance between relaxation and mental invigoration. It has an insanely uplifting and euphoric effect perfect for any sort of day time or physical activity. For me personally, itTo boot, if you are vaporizing Blue Dream using a Pax 2 or another kind of vaporizer, you’ll be able to really enjoy the sweet blueberry taste.

Smoke weed everyday!

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