Finding realistic ways to be productive when you smoke weed everyday is critical, even in Denver, Colorado. Smoking marijuana daily might make your job more tolerable, your food more delicious and your friends less annoying. But how do you strike a balance between a productive high and one that results in binge-watching Game of Thrones?

How you get high matters

All weed strains are not created equal, and the strain you smoke matters. If you plan to smoke weed everyday, a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strain will render the best chances for a productive, energized afternoon. Frequently, people tell me that they used to smoke but it gave them too much anxiety to be a functional human being. If you live in Denver, Colorado and you know that you want to avoid heady paranoia-inducing strains, ask your budtender to recommend an energizing, uplifting, not-heady strain. Buy a couple of grams of strains like Flo, Durban Poison, Lamb’s Breath, and Sour Tangy and do your own little trial and error experiment.

That said, edibles often do not specify the strain and their effects vary from person-to-person. It has been reported that cannabis is not separated by strain when manufacturers produce edibles. This means side effects could go either way. It’s possible you might get the perfect high that helps you crank out that company memo in time for happy hour. But heads up: One time, I ate a weed brownie and couldn’t peel my ass off the kitchen floor for 14 hours. So there’s that.

Make a game plan

If your work is boring as hell, smoking weed might be your saving grace. Here are some ideas that might help you achieve a productive high:

  • Make a to-do list before you get high. You know exactly what your email needs to include, who needs to be included, and whether it is worthy of asking for read-receipts. Write that shit out, preferably not on your phone. Looking at your phone will lead to a check of every social media page, and draw attention to the fact that you are not accomplishing a thing.
  • Be realistic. What are your work weaknesses when you are not high? Those will only be amplified after you smoke. If you do not easily recall conversations when stoned, maybe wait until you are off the conference call.
  • Have healthy snacks nearby. You are stoned as fuck and get distracted easily. It is only a matter of time before you get up and check the fridge aimlessly. That is Stacy’s leftover kung pao chicken, put it down and go back to your desk. This is where almonds or fresh fruit will come in handy.


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