My 420 Tours Presents – Smoke Free Tours

A great way to experience our quintessential Grow and Dispensary Tour in a smoke-free environment! The first cannabis tourism company to bring you smoke free tours!

The use of luxury 420-friendly transportation by My 420 Tours has become a staple of the various experiences offered by the foremost cannabis tourism company, but also understand that although that may sound like a dream to some, it’s not ideal for all.

Thus, they have added a smoke free tours as a transportation option to their famed greenhouse tours, wherein, participants are transported to a greenhouse facility aboard luxury vehicles around the city of Denver, given a tour of a breath-taking grow facility by master growers, and then transported to the dispensary the aforementioned grow supplies its cannabis to.

Myself being an asthmatic, my tolerance for airborne smoke is low, to say the least, deterring me from going on one of these tours in the past, so after hearing about a smoke-free transportation option I knew I had to give it a shot. Upon arriving for my tour, I noticed two identical luxury buses awaiting us, accommodating both the smoking and smoke free tours on our way to a massive 20,000 square foot greenhouse. On the way, I enjoyed a couple of edibles I had bought prior, and a few complimentary snacks before reaching the grow facility, where I saw more marijuana in one place than I ever could have imagined. Through this surreal experience, guided by a cannabis expert, we got the chance to take pictures every step of the way as well as learned all about each step of the marijuana cultivation process, from cloning all the way to harvesting, and everything in between. The skilled growers on site, being incredibly knowledgeable on things cannabis, were eager to answer whatever questions we had about the grow itself or any stage of the process of cultivating marijuana.

Now thoroughly feeling the effects of edibles I enjoyed earlier, as our tour came to a conclusion, we exited the greenhouse and began our trip to the 16th Street Mall’s Euflora dispensary, a very spacious, high-tech, and well-designed business, also the very one the facility we visited earlier supplies. Everyone on the tour received a sizable discount of 25% off whatever we purchased while there, prompting me to pick up a few more edibles and one of my favorite strains that I saw while at the grow. A visiting friend who came along with me, but utilized the 420-friendly transportation option, was ranting and raving about the tour for the rest of his visit.

Available every Tuesday through Friday and noon, this smoke free tour is perfect for anyone who may not enjoy sitting in a cloud of cannabis smoke, and even those who do not smoke at all, giving those with curiosity the chance to experience the inside workings of the marijuana industry without having to be exposed to the by-product of its consumption. It’s a wonderful option and I’m happy to report that My 420 Tours Smoke Free Tours are a step above the rest! 


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