How to Rent-A-Vaporizer on your Colorado Weed Vacation

You know it is 2016, when you can rent-a-vaporizer, like you would rent a car on your Colorado weed vacation. In so many ways, renting a vaporizer to smoke world class marijuana on your vacation in Colorado makes so much sense.

Use your dome: leave your bong at home


First off, it is super illegal to travel across state lines with drug paraphernalia, like bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and things of that nature. If you get caught, possessing any of these things you can face criminal fines and up to one year in jail. Sometimes if the paraphernalia is unused, you can get off the hook claiming it is going to be used for tobacco (duh). However, if there is weed residue on your pipe, brace yourself for legal impact.

That said if you want to have the ultimate Colorado weed experience, smoke the world’s best weed and have an incredible trip of a life time, don’t risk bringing your own pipes, vaporizers or other weed contraptions. Instead, you can rent a beautiful table top Silver Surfer Vaporizer which is only considered the “world’s best vaporizer.” Also, I highly doubt (pun intended) that you would purchase a $300 vaporizer, but being able to rent a super high quality vaporizer is a much more affordable option. Additionally, Silver Surfer Vaporizers are hand-crafted right here in Colorado Springs, so it adds authenticity to your very heady Colorado marijuana excursion.

The ultimate Colorado cannabis experience

Daily News covers Marijuana Green Tours

So here’s the deal, if you book a 420 friendly hotel room through My 420 Tours, you get a Silver Surfer Vaporizer rental for the duration of your stay in an adorable little gift pack with Uber and Lyft coupons, local marijuana dispensary coupons, and a cannabis lifestyle magazine. But this is the best part. When you arrive at your 420 friendly hotel in downtown Denver and you check-in at the front desk, they will give you your super fancy weed vaporizer over the counter, like they give you hot chocolate chip cookies or bottled water. (Both of which you will definitely want once you have used the vaporizer). Then, not only do you have a super high quality vaporizer in hand, but you can use it to smoke cannabis in your hotel room. That is pretty much the definition of the ultimate Colorado cannabis vacation. When you check out of the 420 friendly hotel, simply give the rented vaporizer back to the concierge and be go on your merry way. Of course, if you enjoyed the “world’s finest vaporizer,” you can go home and buy one knowing with confidence that you will not be disappointed.

If you don’t rent a 420 friendly hotel room, you can always rent the Silver Surfer Vaporizer a la carte for $25 per day. You can pick up the rented vaporizer 7 days a week from 9 AM until 9 PM at a convenient downtown Denver location. The vaporizer also comes in a case that is perfect for transfer, storage and concealment.

So next time you have a layover at Denver International Airport and you are about to lose your mind, know that you can take 420 friendly transportation to a dispensary, purchase world class marijuana, then check into a 420 friendly hotel, receive a rented vaporizer and vape the night away in the comfort of your room. Just saying.

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