Private Cannabis Tours

Private Cannabis Tours

Private Cannabis Experiences

At My 420 Tours, the original Colorado cannabis tourism company, we provide our guests exclusive access to Denver’s premier dispensaries, grow houses, dispensaries, and other 420 friendly experiences. Whether you are a local or you are planning your trip to Colorado for a cannabis vacation, My 420 Tours is your comprehensive cannabis concierge!

The Private Cannabis Tour, our most popular cannabis experience, is a perfect way to celebrate your special occasion in a cannabis friendly way! This package is perfect for 420 celebrations; corporate team building trips, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, cannabis wedding and honeymoons, cannabis friendly ski trips, Spring break, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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Examples of Different Private Cannabis Experiences

Cooking Cannabis Class

Private Cooking Classes

Private Cannabis Transportation

Private Transportation

Or partake in a number of special cannabis events – a private helicopter ride over Red Rocks, Cannabis Sommeliers, access to sold out shows, premier restaurants, distilleries, breweries, and so much more! Call us to customize your private tour today!

Questions or want to book over the phone? Call us at (720) 504-4420 to speak with a customer service representative today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing you the ultimate service, from your initial contact with our cannabis concierge, until the next time you plan your cannabis vacation.

Original Cannabis Tourism CompanyOriginal Cannabis Tourism Company

For over three years, we have provided thousands of tours, accommodations, vacations, and premier cannabis experiences. We pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to detail, and providing guests with the cannabis experience of a lifetime.

Private Denver Marijuana Tours

Want to customize your own Colorado cannabis vacation, but don’t know where to start? Call us and get a FREE private tour consultation with our cannabis concierges. They will help you plan a personalized Colorado cannabis vacation based on your interests and budget. All private tours can also include luxury, 420 friendly transportation and accommodation in five-star, 420 friendly hotels. My 420 Tours takes care of everything, but the flight. Call us to customize your private tour today! 420 Blaze It.

Once you have booked your Colorado cannabis vacation, we will send you your customized itinerary and connect you directly with your tour guide, private driver, and personal cannabis concierge. With the Private Cannabis Tour, you can make your cannabis vacation dreams come true!

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