“Of course Denver would be the first place in the nation to offer cannabis tourism,” states James Walker, CEO of My 420 Tours. “We are pleased to be the first to offer a quality vacation package that combines the vibrant Downtown Denver with an exciting 4/20 experience.”My 420 Tours, The Colorado based company hosted the “First Annual World Cannabis Week,” to be held in conjunction with the April 20th cannabis holiday. WCW is creating the emerald standard for cannabis tours. World Cannabis Week is an all access pass to the cannabis industry in Colorado. While it is still illegal to buy or sell cannabis for recreational use in Colorado, World Cannabis Week offered all guests unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to sample Colorado’s famous crop. Attendees were instructed how to properly use cannabis in a safe, responsible and legal manner by iMedicate, a Denver based organization dedicated to the responsible use of Cannabis. Read more about World Cannabis Week in this article.


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