Getting stoned and walking around aimlessly is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer days. But walking has been revolutionized the last couple of weeks, at least for those enamored with Pokemón GO. The app that lets you catch and collect mythical creatures can be paired beautifully with your Colorado cannabis. Here are some of the essential tips for stoners who play Pokemón GO below.

Choose your strain wisely, you’ll need energy (kind of)

There is a time and a place for a sativa-dominant strain, and Pokemón GO is it. The sativa plant will increase energy and focus, allowing for you to meander through city streets or mountain trails with the easy high we all love. Flo, Sour Tangie, and Tres Star are three strains that come highly recommended for productivity, energy, and focus.

Pack your essentials

Pack your bowl, and also pack your backpack. If you’ll be outside for a couple of hours chasing Pokemón, conside bringing a bottle of water, sunscreen, phone charger, some cash, and snacks for your munchies. What do Pokemón eat? Hopefully not all your weed (catch-and-release may be your best option, which is also what I call online dating). But whatever they eat, you’ll probably want to throw some of that in there, too. Who knows, maybe the secret to “catching them all” is just feeding them edibles, so they slow the fuck down.

Pokemón like no one is watching (but everyone is)

Don’t let non-stoners harsh your vibe. Despite what haters say, Pokemón GO has encouraged people to “exercise” outside and interact with the world in ways they may not have done so previously (the bar is pretty low). Get some friends together, get stoned, and attempt to catch all the Pokemón. Life is short, but Pokemón and cannabis are forever.


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