Respected for its ability to reduce pain associated with migraines and other chronic conditions, Medicine Man is one of the most popular strains in Denver. Combining Afghan, Indian, and Brazilian strains, this powerful kush packs in high levels of THC and CBD for a heavy high that helps bring relief to many ailments. While growing this strain can prove a little trickier than others, it is widely available in dispensaries around Colorado.


The history of Medicine Man

The Medicine Man strain was created by Mr. Nice, a seedbank and research company (and also a real human, whom you can read about on the company website). In an effort to produce a strain that packed in the goods for a strong, undeniable high, Medicine Man was born. Part of the Widow family, the strain is designed to help those with chronic ailments or terminal illness. It should not be used for a light, easy high, but respected for its intensity.

Listen to your doctor

Follow the Medicine Man’s orders. While the effects of Medicine Man are indica-heavy, the strain itself is a hybrid. This means there will be a strong sedation element to the high, but many users note the happy, light effects. Sleepy, but chill. And because the strain has such a high amount of cannabinoids, it is believed to help prevent seizures, in addition to alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. If you are interested in obtaining Medicine Man, checking with dispensaries is your best bet, as the plant is harvested at different times throughout the year. The northern hemisphere can anticipate a harvest in October of each year, following a 55-60 day flowering period. Those in the southern hemisphere can anticipate the strain’s harvesting in May.


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