In this article, The Los Angeles Times writes about public smoking of marijuana in Colorado.  Many Coloradans and pot tourists are discovering that attempting to smoke marijuana outside the privacy of a home is not as easy as going to a bar for a drink. A statewide initiative, approved by voters last year, legalized recreational use of marijuana but bans its “open and public consumption.” Marijuana advocates say they weren’t expecting the definition of “public” to encompass private businesses and large, ticketed events where alcohol flows freely. “We are very disappointed and frustrated,” said Toni Fox, a Denver dispensary owner. “Every time we turn around, a cannabis-friendly event is being turned down.” The clash over public consumption became a high-profile one last week when the city of Denver demanded that the Colorado Symphony kill plans to hold three fundraising concerts where guests are invited to bring and smoke their own marijuana while listening to an ensemble. Read more about marijuana consumption in Colorado in this article.


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