In this article, KTVA.com writes about the booming marijuana industry in Colorado. Insiders are calling this former black market the “canna-business,” and local dispensaries canna-business is booming with each set of crops blooming – with every stem, leaf and bud, of course, being plucked for profit. Piggy backing on all that pot-profit potential is the nation’s first marijuana tourism company, My 420 Tours in Denver. “You would think in a pot tour you’d get a bunch of potheads that would come to the tour,” said CEO of My 420 Tours JJ Walker. “But the thing is, what we really discovered is they are typically people over 40 that are looking for something different.”. Walker’s tour business is one of countless ancillary canna-businesses that are providing a major boost to Colorado’s tourism industry and the state economy. “It’s so exciting,” Walker said. “The people you deal with everyday, they’re just so passionate about it and there’s new opportunities everywhere to be found.” Read more about “canna-business” in Colorado in this article/video.

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