KKCO 11 News writes about My 420 Tours and their sparking success in Denver. According to the Denver Post, two Denver entrepreneurs who’ve worked in the medical marijuana industry started a company called “My 420 Tours.”. For hundreds of dollars, My 420 Tours will pick you up from the airport, bring you to pot events, pot shops and pot friendly restaurants. Companies setting up shop in Denver plan to build their first promotion around April 20, which is the marijuana holiday known as 4/20. The problem is the state’s pot sales to people with non-medical-marijuana issues don’t go in to affect for a few more months.For the last 50 years, Kenny Pitzer has spent his days along Denver’s 16th Street Mall, strumming his guitar, looking for tips. Pitzer relies heavily on tourists to fill his tip jar. “I’ve been an advocate for marijuana. It’s very useful for creating revenue where there wasn’t any and making a city boom and prosper in kind of a weak time,” Pitzer said. Read more about My 420 Tours success in this article.

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