In this article, Travel Weekly covers the high demand of hotel rooms in Denver, due to people traveling to Colorado to explore the legal industry of Marijuan. During the first quarter, Denver was by far the fastest-growing U.S. hotel market in terms of room demand.  What is open to debate is how much of that phenomenal growth was cannabis-related. Stakeholders ranging from specialized tour operators to Expedia’s Hotels.com division have asserted that the surge is largely attributable to the fact that recreational use of marijuana became legal in Colorado on Jan. 1, resulting in an influx of out-of-state visitors looking to use the drug without fear of arrest. But Denver’s tourism bureau and traditional hoteliers insisted last week that the real reasons for the jump in room demand were developments unrelated to marijuana, primarily a surge in convention business, a bountiful ski season that drove more tourists through the city to nearby ski resorts, and the Denver Broncos’ two NFL playoff games at their home stadium in January. Read more about the high demand of hotels due to cannabis travelers in this article.


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