In this article, Hemp News writes about My 420 Tours launch in 2013. My 420 Tours was the first Marijuana Tourism company to launch in the United States, and thousands of people are interested in the active tourism business. My 420 Tours will meet visitors at the airport, connect them to 420-friendly lodging, set up tours of grow rooms, arrange hash-making demonstrations, and provide tickets to cannabis-themed events. My 420 Tours appears to be the first to take advantage of Amendment 64, which legalized possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for anybody over 21 in Colorado, both residents and non-residents. “If somebody flies out here, we take care of the whole adventure for them,” said James Walker, one of the owners at My 420 Tours. Business is booming for My 420 Tours, and continues to launch more tours every month. Read more about My 420 Tours in this article.

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