The Top 5 Most Funny Weed Tweets: Cannabasics


Whether you’re planning your trip to the recreational dispensary in Denver or simply enjoying 420, the Twitterverse will keep you laughing with its weed-related commentary. Here are your top five funny weed tweets that hilariously capture cannabis culture, and everything we’ve all thought at some point when high.


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1. On your first dispensary tour like…

Colorado cannabis is a gateway to Narnia, the epitome of sticky icky. In Denver, Colorado, you can smoke, vape, eat, cook, and roll marijuana until you fall asleep into your inevitable stoner nap. The more you know about the options behind your Colorado weed tour, the more you’ll look like this guy.

Are you high

2. When your mom finds your weed

If mom finds your weed, you can always pack your bags to and head out for a safe place called Denver 420. Pack your bowl, pack your bags, and maybe pack up those antiquated views on marijuana, Mom. Geez.

3. So high that you actually answered your phone…

Cannabis consumption has been happening for as long as humans knew how to make fire. (Or at least that is what I tell myself.) This means that even your 80 year old next door neighbor Joe might be smoking some stinky nug–hell he could even be dabbing. The point is that marijuana use knows no generational boundaries. However, something that is definitely generational is calling instead of texting. That said, you’ll never get me high enough to check voicemail.

Skull smoking weed

4. 420 has been 1/5 this whole time?

Research suggests that marijuana can create new neural pathways in the brain. Prior to its criminalization and public smear campaigns, cannabis was used for a variety of ailments. It does not, however, seem to help basic math skills, as this was an obvious oversight by cannabis users everywhere.

5. Don’t drop bombs, drop nugs!

Is this election over yet? No matter who you are voting for (or perhaps more aptly, who you simply can’t vote for), there is an obvious solution to a lot of major policy issues and setbacks. Here comes cannabis, solving all the election woes.

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