Traditions, traditions are what makes a city, state, nation, and society look forward to the changing of the seasons.  In Colorado we have a select few that are held near and dear to our hearts.  ‘Ski like a Texan Day’ (full disclosure, we love you Texas but ‘Google’ this tradition and if you don’t laugh I’ll send you a formal letter of apology) and the closing of Arapahoe Basin herald the end of the ski season.  The Bolder Boulder is the official start to summer not only for the residences of Colorado but for the tens of thousands of road-runners who travel from all over the world to compete.

There is one tradition that we Coloradans cherish above all others however, and that is Tailgating before a Broncos home game.

Whether you waited in line to secure a primo spot, took a ‘Lyft’ to the meet your friends or decide to walk under I-25, the anticipation builds. Passing the bands, vendors and thousand of fellow football fans, you are instantly greeted with the sights, sounds and delicious smells of game-day.

And just like almost any experience where excitement is in the air, something else is in the air as well; you guessed it. Mile High Cannabis.

Beer, booze and brats are a staple of tailgating nationally, for several years now the parking lots surrounding Mile High have created the new normal, Cannabis Friendly tailgates.

You cannot walk through a single lot of the stadium without smelling that oh so familiar smell, often emanating from Pre-Rolled joints purchased earlier that day from one of the many dispensaries surrounding the stadium, other groups may prefer a more discrete form of consumption and opt for a plate of edibles or a cooler full of 10mg drinks, I prefer the Orange Kush soda, for obvious reasons.

From that point forward the experience is heightened as Kick-off approaches, the Broncos drumline regularly walks through the lots, with each beat of their percussion instruments adding to the adrenaline.

With the normalization of Cannabis consumption in the state, there now exist tailgates that are organized by Cannabis Friendly businesses that welcome those who choose to partake and provide the food, games, and all around fun that are synonymous with tailgating.

If you are interested in joining in the 420 fun, at any Broncos tailgate this season please give us a call at (855) 694-2086 and we’ll make sure it’s a Sunday to remember. My 420 Tours, the 1st legal marijuana tourism company in North America, is taking tailgating to a higher level. We also offer Colorado weed vacation packages, green tours, and pot friendly hotels.


Always use your best discretion, as “Public Consumption” is illegal in the city. That being said rumors abound of the Denver Police officers acknowledging that even in the stadium the smoking of a joint (in the designated smoking area) is not a priority


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