Drugs Inc covers My 420 Tours epic adventure into World Cannabis Week in Denver CO. Watch this video to see how My 420 Tours takes anxious weed smokers into Denver’s city to explore dispensaries, the Denver 420 rally, growing plants, and learn about what does 420 mean. Tourists come to celebrate massive parties planned on 420 for international weed day. My 420 tours visitors receive a daily allowance of weed to enjoy on their tour, followed by a shuttle bus to tour them around the city. My 420 tours gathers 160 visitors who pay up to $800 each, through a weekend packed with activities. My 420 tours is the ultimate Denver Weed experience.

Drugs Inc Rocky Mountain High from Talya Tibbon on Vimeo.

“In Denver, the cannabis industry is booming. With more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks coffee shops, the city is fast becoming the U.S. capital of weed. The film explores the effects of legalization of the illicit drug trade in Denver.”

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