With the warmer months slowly approaching, many of you may be thinking about a temporary change in scenery. With that in mind, consider these six unique experiences offered by our friends at My 420 Tours in Denver, Colorado: “Napa Valley – but with weed instead of wine” – New York Times. My 420 Tours is the premiere cannabis concierge service, specializing in every aspect of not only planning each part your cannabis expedition, but also in ensuring that you have an unforgettable visit to the Centennial State.

 The Budz and Sudz Grow and Dispensary Tour

A wonderful pairing of craft Colorado brews and cannabis make up this one-of-a-kind marijuana experience. Partake in the best Colorado has to offer, both in the realm of beer and cannabis, in luxury aboard a 420-friendly party bus, wherein you can partake until your heart’s content. This tour also gives its goers the opportunity to walk the grounds of a cutting edge, 40,000 square foot marijuana cultivation and grow facility! This tour in available in both Denver and Boulder, Colorado, offering those who go on it a comprehensive look at the behind-the-scenes operations of Colorado’s famed marijuana industry. The tour culminates in a trip to dispensaries which offer the products you will get the chance to see across this four hour cannabis excursion.

The Greenhouse Grow and Dispensary Tour (With Smokeless Luxury Party Bus Available)

More accommodating for those of us who dislike beer or being surrounded by smoke, is My 420 Tours’ greenhouse grow and dispensary tour. Learn the tricks of the marijuana as you peruse one of Colorado’s best grow and cultivation facilities. Shorter than the Budz and Sudz tours, lasting two and a half hours, you will learn plenty while you explore a sea of green leaves, guided by individuals with a great deal of knowledge surrounding all things marijuana related. There will be no shortage in snacks nor water before the tours end, featuring a visit to the prestigious and state-of-the-art Euflora dispensary, which houses over 6,000 feet of retail space. Travel in style aboard either the 420-friendly or available smoke-free party bus during this very educational offering.

A Cannabis-Infused Massage

Drift away to your happy place during this unique offering. One of My 420 Tours’ licensed therapists will massage away all of your stress using cannabis infused lotions from Apothecanna. Unlike traditional methods of cannabis consumption, the THC within the lotion does not enter your bloodstream, and is instead absorbed dermally, offering cooling relief from pain and stress without any psychoactive effects. Don’t forget to save some time for yourself in order to experience what is arguably the most indulgent offering on this list. The best part about is that the licensed massage therapist can come directly to your hotel room, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Cooking with Cannabis Class

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a five course, cannabis-infused meal (or are now), this is the class for you. Watch as My 420 Tours’ talented chefs walk you through every step of crafting delicious, one of a kind meals that will be sure to have your family and friends buzzing. Taking place in a modern, quaint, cooking school in Denver Highlands area, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to merge your passions for both the cannabis and the culinary. Become well versed in methods of carboxylation, dosing, and meal preparation as well as presentation while learning how to turn almost any meal into a cannabis-infused feast! Come hungry!

Craft Concentrates Tour

Last but not least on our list is My 420 Tours Craft Concentrates Tour, featuring none other than the brilliant minds and products that have made Craft Concentrates such a popular brand amongst medical and recreational marijuana concentrate users. This comprehensive, three-hour long learning experience spotlights Craft’s concentrate products and features free product sampling, Craft swag, and prizes. Also, every participant receives their very own Buddy Vape concentrate pen, free of charge. During the tour, goers have the opportunity to gain answers to any concentrate related questions they might have, during an immersive look into marijuana concentrates as well as their related consumption methods. After a very intellectually stimulating class, luxury transportation to Buddy Boy, one of Denver’s top dispensaries, where you can pick up any products you may be interested in before returning, where you will have the chance to sample Craft products as well as some of the newest consumption methods among a few other things.

Why My 420 Tours?

After hearing so much about this company, you may be asking “Why go through them?” or “Why not do all this myself when I’m in Colorado?”, both of which are more than fair to ponder. But My 420 Tours is more than simply a cannabis concierge and tourism service, as their accreditation by the likes of Forbes, the New York Times, and many others could tell you. The genius minds behind this operation are modern cannabis consumers, more than your average stoner, they are hard-working and successful individuals whom enhance their lives, both professionally and personally, through the use of cannabis. These men and women are constantly looking for ways to improve upon their already successful methods in hopes to help you explore cannabis in the best way possible. Should utilize their services, disappointment need not be something to worry about, as they will work diligently to ensure every exclusive insider experience they offer surpasses your expectations.

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