Donald Trump on the Issues? What’s in Store for Cannabis Now?

With the next president having recently been decided, many concerns arise as to what Donald Trump’s election means for the cannabis industry. As medical and recreational marijuana are becoming available in more and more states, some believe the momentum for legalization is too strong to be abated. Simultaneously, the United States has elected a president with contradicting statements on the matter whom politically affiliates with more than a couple individuals that have more “traditional” views on cannabis: His own Vice President, Rudy Giuliani, and Jeff Sessions.


Donald Trump on the Issues? Earliest statements on the topic.

Going back to some of his earliest statements on the topic, in 1990, Trump famously claimed legalizing drugs was the best way to win the war against them, taking profit from drug czars in the process. But more recently in 2015, his perspective may have changed on the subject. In a C-SPAN interview last year,the president-elect said something that makes the future of medicinal marijuana look bright, declaring that despite believing regulating marijuana is “bad”, “medical marijuana is another thing” later voicing his “100%” support of it. At a rally in Nevada later the same year, Trump posited that marijuana legislation should be a state to state issue, later at the same rally saying the country should “study Colorado” and “see what’s happening” there. Though this statement could be open to some interpretation, there is still much hope for medical marijuana when later in the same year, Donald was quoted saying he is “in favor of medical marijuana 100%” outright in a Bill O’Reilly interview. saying he had seen people benefit from its use. Unfortunately, in the same interview, Trump stated that he “perhaps not” supports Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry, which was the pioneer in the field.

Donald Trump on the Issues? It is highly unlikely someone will be forcing you to give up your weed. 

Though this could sound grim to some, it is still unlikely that states with pro-medical and or recreational marijuana laws instated will be affected much in any way, However, it is not out of the question to say it may become harder for other states to follow suit in the future. There are still many members of Trump’s cabinet that feel very strongly on the matter, and would not likely be easily swayed in letting pro-marijuana legislation pass without a fight. So those of you who live in states with those kinds of laws already in place, rest assured, it is highly unlikely someone will be forcing you to give up your weed. But for those of you that live in states without either recreational nor medicinal cannabis (or those with medicinal but not recreational cannabis), the future is unclear at the moment as to how legislation of the matter will progress in Donald Trump’s coming term. Some assurance lays in Donald’s pro-medicinal marijuana statements, and believing it should be up to each state individually what legislation the pass on the matter, but having a cabinet with conflicting on the subject, it’s truly a toss-up for states hoping to follow in the footsteps of those who’ve made the push to legalize either or both.

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