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Welcome to Cannabis

Spark your relationship with cannabis on an insightful and fun introductory tour. Take a guided journey on a mobile classroom into Colorado’s biggest and most state-of-the-art dispensary -- The Green Solution.

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Welcome to Colorado Cannabis

Welcome to Cannabis

Jing Restaurant
5370 Greenwood Plaza Blvd


Jing Restaurant
5370 Greenwood Plaza Blvd

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Travis French Cannabis Chef


Cannabis Spirit Guide

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Kindle your relationship with cannabis in a clean, comfortable, educational, and fun atmosphere. Join like-minded wellness seekers for guided dispensary shopping, tutorials on today’s cannabis products and technology, and fine wine and dining opportunities. Ride and sample cannabis in a classroom on wheels. It’s a learning and bonding experience to remember.

The tour will begin at Jing, where you’re welcome to grab a drink at the bar and get to know your fellow excursionists. Then, the group will board the mobile cannabis classroom and head to The Green Solution for a guided retail cannabis experience. Back on the bus, you can share and sample your purchases as the group makes its way to Fascinations Art Gallery in Cherry Creek and catches sunset views on a scenic ride through Cherry Creek State Park. Then return to Jing for optional dinner and to redeem your free dessert coupon!

The beauty of this tour is the company of those who are also new to cannabis or revisiting it for the first time in a long time. Open up with expert guides, share, tell stories, ask questions, and learn more than you ever thought you would about Colorado’s favorite plant and how it fits into your life.

You must be 21 years of age to attend our experiences. Please make sure to bring your non-expired ID, or State issued License. Temporary IDs can not be used to validate entry into dispensaries and/or grow facilities. Non-US Citizens must present a valid passport to enter cannabis businesses. These are the rules of the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

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