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Greenhouse Grow & Dispensary Tour

AVAILABILITY: Every Tuesday – Friday at 12PM.
DURATION: 2.5 Hours
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$49 Per Person

Denver’s Best Grow & Dispensary Tour. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at Euflora, one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities, and explore it’s dispensary to discover what this amazing grow house can produce. Euflora Dispensary features over 6,000 sq ft of floor space offering and a friendly team to help find the best strains for you.

  • Luxury Cannabis Friendly Transportation
  • Tour a State-of-the-Art Cultivation Grow House
  • Visit one of Denver’s Top dispensaries

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Weed and Brewery Tour

Budz & Sudz: Weed & Beer Tour

AVAILABILITY: Every Thursday and Friday at 3PM
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$59 Per Person

A Cannabis-themed Denver Beer Tour. The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure. Be transported in luxury 420 friendly transportation while you smoke, drink, snack, and enjoy the best of cannabis and craft beer. Visit a massive cultivation facility and two of Denver’s best dispensaries. At a unique local brewery, sample quality craft beer.

  • Visit a 15,000 sq ft Grow with Two Stories
  • Exclusive Discounts at two Premier Dispensaries
  • Luxury 420-Friendly Transportation

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Marijuana Concentrates Class

AVAILABILITY: Every Friday at 4PM
DURATION: 2.5 Hours
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$69 Per Person

Discover Marijuana Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, learn about products and state-of-the-art consumption methods, and visit a dispensary.

  • Enjoy a concentrates product briefing
  • Visit one of Denver’s Top dispensaries
  • Luxury Cannabis Friendly Transportation

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Sushi and Joint Rolling Class

AVAILABILITY: Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7PM
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$69 Per Person

Joint Rolling. Sushi Rolling. Denver-Style. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and perfect joints. All the sushi supplies you need for are included in the ticket price. Your extraordinary evening will be curated by an executive chef and an expert in joint rolling techniques!

  • Sushi rolling food and equipment
  • Sake, Water, and Fun
  • Rolling guidance and rolling papers
  • Cooked, raw, and vegetarian sushi options

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VIP Grow & Dispensary Tour

AVAILABILITY: Every Saturday at 11AM
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$89 Per Person

Step Inside a Grow House. Tour a giant cultivation facility where you can learn about the cultivation of cannabis from clone to harvest and have all of your questions answered by master growers. Learn about different types of cannabis, and more!

  • Luxury 420-Friendly Transportation
  • Explore a State-of-the-art Cultivation Facility
  • Visit 2 of Denver’s Top Dispensaries
  • Receive Exclusive Discounts, snacks, water and more

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Cooking with Cannabis

AVAILABILITY: Every Sunday at 11AM
DURATION: 2.5 Hours
LOCATION: 3215 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211
$99 Per Person

Cooking with Cannabis Class. Turn your love of cooking and cannabis into an art form and learn how to make delicious cannabis-infused meals! Located at Stir Cooking School in the beautiful historic Highlands area of Denver, our professional chef will guide you in the sophisticated art of cooking with cannabis. Learn decarboxylation methods, dosing, cooking strategies and more.

  • Cooking class essentials
  • Take home your leftovers

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Cannabis Massage

DURATION: 60 Min, 75 Min, 90 Min
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
In-Room Massage Starting At $115 Per Person
In-Studio Massage Starting At $95 Per Person

Infused Massage, Denver-style. Transform your body and mind with an Apothecanna cannabis massage. Our licensed massage therapists can provide an in-room or in-studio massage using a variety of all natural cannabis-infused lotions. Since the cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream, there are no psychoactive effects — just soothing, cooling sensations, and immediate pain relief.

  • Apothecanna Massage Oils and Creams
  • Professional Massage Services

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Cannabasics Class

AVAILABILITY: Every Thursday, & Friday at 11AM
LOCATION: 3881 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205
$29 Per Person

What Is Cannabis? Find Out.  Take a deep dive into cannabis. Learn about the main species of cannabis, the different products, strain types, regions of origin, and how to identify cannabis by sight, touch, smell and more. Learn about flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, sublingual’s, cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. Discover the large array of products available at dispensaries during your cannabis experience in Colorado, ask questions, and gain insights into the best way to experience Cannabis. This is a great introduction if you want to join the cannabis industry or just want to learn more.

  • Educational Cannabis Class Hand Outs

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The Kush Tour

DURATION: 3.5 Hours
Location: 1300 S Dearborn Street, Seattle, WA
$150 Per Person

Interested in the legal cannabis industry in Seattle, WA? This fully immersive experience brings you into our world and shows you how it all works. Starting with a professional glass blowing demonstration, we will take you to Seattle’s first fully licensed grow operation and after that you will have the opportunity to visit a retail store so that you may purchase you own legal cannabis! Featuring industry professionals, you will learn everything there is to know when it comes to legal cannabis operations and why we do what we do. Contact us: (844) 587-KUSH (5974) View Details

Seattle Grow Tour

Cannabis & Distillery Experience

Location: Seattle, WA
$100 Per Person

Have you ever wanted to visit a legal cannabis grow operation in Seattle, WA? On this tour we take you to Dawg Star Cannabis, the first legal grow house in Seattle for a clone to sale informative experience. Come learn the ins and outs of how cannabis is grown from industry professionals on 90-minutete tour and then we will take you to a shop to buy your own! JUST ADDED: We will also be partnering with three Howls Distillery and will be touring their facility, as they share the facility with Dawg Star. Contact us: (844) 587-KUSH (5974) View Details

Book online now or call us at 855.694.2086 to book over the phone

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