420 Friendly Transportation from Denver International Airport

Layovers are kind of like being stuck in a layer of Dante’s Inferno reserved for people who hate fast food, lines and waiting. But, being stuck in the international airport of 420 friendly Denver, Colorado is different.


men smoking on party bus

Blame it on TSA

On your next layover in Denver International Airport, you can arrange for 420 friendly transportation to pick you up at the airport, bring you to one of the thousands of dispensaries and hot box you’re way back to the airport.

Denver International Airport also happens to be the largest in the U.S. airport and chock full of super weird apocalyptic artwork, a few good restaurants, and a catchy tune of the tram that you will never forget (for better or worse).


weed at growhouse

Get high and stay awhile

If you have touched down in beautiful Denver to stay awhile and experience different types of weed strains like Girl Scout Cookies strain, then 420 friendly transportation should also be on your radar. You can arrange for you and your friends to take 420 friendly transportation from the airport to the best dispensaries, Denver events, and to your 420 friendly hotel.

Yes, this means that you can hot box the luxury limo buses (think “cannabus”) to and fro DIA and everywhere in between during your stay in Colorado. It should definitely also be noted that on the luxury limo buses, your personal driver will provide you with bottled water, snacks, the world’s best dry herb vaporizer (Pax 2), bowls, lighters, rolling papers and more. (Straight out of a stoner’s dreams.)

Whether you’re in Denver for layover or the ultimate Colorado cannabis vacation, I strongly recommend taking the cannabus straight from the airport to the The Green Solution dispensary, since it has the largest selection of cannabis products in Denver. You can also purchase all kinds of cannabis products, like vaporizers and weed grinders.





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