The Best Way to Denver’s Heart is Through Its Flights

Denver is booming, and its craft scene is booming right along with it. Now visitors can take in the best of the city on one of the Denver brewery tours. It’s hard to say you’ve seen a neighborhood without stopping for a brew, and the Mile High City offers no shortage of options. We’re going to look at five tours worthy of a spot on your itinerary.

By foot, bike, bus, or van, the city offers ample opportunities to party in style. Let’s take a look at the which of the Denver brewery tours is best for your party. When it’s date night, Denver throws out plenty of options, but after checking out the Denver brewery tours in our list below, you’ll have no trouble seeing why some are calling Colorado’s front range the “Napa Valley of Beer”! Oh, and don’t forget to check out day trips from Denver for even more great brewery tour options.

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Most Colorful of Denver Brewery Tours: The Drink RiNo eTuk Ride

The Drink RiNo Craft Brewery Premium Experience is your chance to get behind-the-scenes tours at up to three breweries in RiNo! We cater the tour to you, and after each private tour, enjoy a delicious flight while you take in the brewery’s unique feel. You’ll be whisked from pint A to pint B aboard a snazzy eTuk, where you can watch the colorful murals of RiNo fly by.

Cruise the eTuk with a local “craft beer expert” and get a rare look at the stories of three incredibly different, local craft breweries. Included are private, behind-the-scenes Denver brewery tours and one pint or flight of any beverage at each stop.

Denver brewery tours via etuk

Most Central of Denver Brewery Tours: The LoDo Route

This guided 1.5-mile walking tour through Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) and Ballpark districts addresses the deepest curiosity of beer’s most ardent fans.  While you wander along, sampling beers at multiple microbreweries and a tap room, your guide will fill your brain to the brim with interesting information about the history of the beverage, the growth of Denver, and the close relationship between the two.

What really stands out about this tour is the depth and breadth of knowledge it covers-from the many brewing methods to the differences between each beer type they produce, these tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the craft. They’re so thorough that they’ll even make a stop at a brewery founded by the governor! This is one of the best Denver brewery tours because you’ll ‘drink with the best’ throughout Denver and accept all challenges when it comes to questions, so a word to all self-proclaimed beer experts: come prepared!

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Best Pairing with Denver Brewery Tours: The Kegs & Kush Walking Tour

Kegs and Kush is a journey on foot into Bud, Beer, and Beyond. Visit a dispensary and a private lounge in RiNo, then stroll through the streets of the trendy RiNo Arts District. In an uplifted state, you’ll visit a brewery for a tour and taster flights.

The high Denver brewery tour adventure starts at a private lounge, where you’ll get the lowdown on the nearby dispensary’s specialties and deals. The group will visit the dispensary for a round of 420 shopping, then return to the lounge to enjoy and share your new goods. Once everyone is feeling at least a mile high, we’ll head out on foot through the streets of RiNo. The guide will lead you to a carefully curated local craft brewery, where the brewmasters will walk you through the beermaking process. Then, hang out at the bar or on the patio where you’ll sample a selection of local craft brews. This walking tour is anything but pedestrian!

denver brewery tours taproom

Most Customizable of Denver Brewery Tours: LoHi and Beyond

Cross the Highland Bridge from LoDo and you could check out a 2.5 hour guided walking tour of North Denver’s Sunnyside and LoHi neighborhoods with Denver Brew Tours.

But with over 100 craft breweries in the area to choose from when creating your flexible itinerary, you might want to opt for their private van or bus options. The start times are flexible as well, so your friendly beer-geek guide (who doubles, more importantly, as your designated driver) can pick you up whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Looking for 21st birthday party ideas? This tour’s got your back.

The customized scheduling and intimate attention given to small groups makes this tour unique, as does your ability to get off the beaten path to visit some less-frequented breweries. Of the Denver brewery tours, this one is best for special requests and for pleasing the true beer connoisseur.

And in case you were wondering – yes, you can drink in the van. As the evening progresses, Blucifer is likely to come up in conversation, so do yourself a favor and know what the hype is about.

denver brewery tour brews cruise

Most Educational of Denver Brewery Tours: The Brews Cruise

Operated by an award-winning tour company with over 8 years of experience, the Denver Brews Cruise Downtown Tour focuses heavily on the history and methods used by pioneering breweries in the Denver Metro area.

Highly informative – as you’d expect from a group with that many years under their belt – the tour begins with a Beer 101 course in a brewing facility to lay the foundation for the rest of the trip.  Here, visitors learn about the process of making beer “from the grain mill to the glass”, before going on to enjoy a “generous amount of sampling” there and at the other two breweries following.

Despite being a bit more restrictive in scheduling and selection than some mobile tours, this specific focus on the Downtown Denver area allows for an intimate knowledge of the different dynamics in each of the variously sized breweries.  It’s a great way to learn about the beers you’re tasting while having fun ‘Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’…Mile High Style!’

denver brewery tours rino beer garden

Most Flexible of Denver Brewery Tours: Self-Guided Walking Tour of the RiNo District

Self-guided Denver brewery tours in the RiNo (River North) District are an easy way to impress without doing much planning. Which is the perfect answer for when you’re searching for things to do while high. All you really need is Google Maps and walking to over ten breweries is doable in an afternoon’s time. We’re not going to encourage that many stop-offs, but the benefit here is that no transportation needed, which means that no one has to drive.

Denver’s RiNo District was named one of the ‘top 10 neighborhoods in the US you need to visit’, and Lonely Planet contributor and Denver native Greg Benchwick can tell you why:

“Even as the Mile High City expands, RiNo still clings to its punk-rock roots. You’ll find it in the street murals that seem to pop up overnight, in the experimental galleries that play open house on Friday nights, and in the innovative food halls and rockabilly microbrews that play host to the city’s young, bold and tattooed.”

The most distinctive part of walking your way through the RiNo brewpubs is their close proximity. Because they’re so close, visitors experience the competitive and collaborative energies that coexist in a creative space filled with everyone from hipsters and musicians to accountants and architects.

If you’re lucky, your visit might match up with the production of a collaborative RiNo beer-a chance to taste the results of technique and talent from multiple brewers combined into one!

Denver brewery tour weed

Most Twisted of Denver Brewery Tours: Buds & Beers – a Weed and Beer Tour

Our list of Denver brewery tours ends with a dose of cannabis. This trip appeals to drinkers and also serves as one of the most convenient places to smoke week in Denver.

Budzs & Beers tours are unique in that they pair bud and brews for the best of both worlds in Denver. Instead of just learning about the process of making beer, you’ll also gain knowledge on ‘the cultivation of cannabis from clone to harvest’ from experts on the plant, all while driving around Denver in a 420-friendly vehicle. Any questions you have about which strain satisfies which mood can be answered by the guide.

Guides also help visitors of the tour pick out a strain to buy at a discount at two dispensaries along the way and demonstrate the workings of a grow house. The coolest part of this tour has got to be the stop at the inspirational Brewability Lab, where only adults with physical and developmental disabilities are employed. There’s nothing like enjoying Denver’s recreational marijuana environment and a cold craft beer while supporting a local business with a focus on social outreach and community development. This one is also best paired with one of the several 420-friendly hotels in Denver.

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