Dabbing Holiday! On July 10, dabbers all over the country will be celebrating their adoration for the lifestyle and cannabis consumption method that they hold dear to their hearts. Of course, dabbers nationwide will most likely celebrate by doing what they love most and do best–dabbing.


What is 710?

710 is like 4/20, except instead of celebrating all things marijuana, it specifically honors dabbing. If you’re clever enough you will have noticed that 710 spells “oil” upside down and was once the code used to talk to dealers about marijuana concentrates like wax, shatter, etc. So if you’re into dabbing, look for 710 friendly people and places!

What are dabs and dabbing?

Dabs are concentrated forms of marijuana called wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil (BHO). Dabs are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids, resulting in a product with an incredibly potent dosage of almost pure THC (the stuff that gets you super high).

Dabbing is when this dose of concentrate is heated on a hot surface and inhaled through a dab rig. Dabbing is essentially the fastest and most efficient way of getting really high, but it also requires some equipment and a dedication to the process of using the dab rig, which is not super intuitive to use (and requires a blow torch).

Dab lifestyle

In the cannabis world, there are definitely subgroups of people who primarily consume cannabis flower and then there are the “dabbers.” Some people bop around and consume both, but generally speaking the dabbing lifestyle is for a special group of cannaexperts who aren’t afraid to use blow torches in their living room and get crazy stoned.

Because dabbing results in such a quick and intense high, dabbers usually have a super high tolerance and are dedicated to their practice. For people with severe or chronic pain, dabbing can also be one of the best ways to get immediate relief.

Celebrating dabbing in Denver

To celebrate 710 in style, there was a private Denver Cannabis Industry party where Snoop Dogg played some of his sick beats and smoked about twelve joints on stage. The event promoted industry hosts like Livwell and My 420 Tours and of course, Snoop Dogg’s new line of weed strains, “Leafs by Snoop.”

Of course, to honor all of the dabbers who prefer their rigs to joints, there was a luxury bus outside the party equipped with cushy seats, pretty ladies and dab rigs galore. What better place to celebrate 710 than with Snoop Dogg in the cannabis wonderland that is Denver, Colorado.

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