Connect for Health Colorado Cannabis! If you are visiting Denver you have just had the rudest awakening of your young life. You thought you were healthy. You ran everyday in Nebraska, did yoga often and ate a balanced diet of meat, potatoes and whole milk. As your plane touched down at the Denver International Airport, you were psyched and simultaneously really confused because there was literally nothing but plains and mountains for as far as your eye could see.

You successfully navigated the largest airport in the world and then the new light rail to downtown Denver. After getting settled into your 420 friendly hotel, you went for a run that would humble your Nebraskan soul to it’s core. What you realized is that 1) there is no air here 2) everyone else is in way better shape than any of the “athletes” you knew back home and they’re doing it all while smoking cannabis 3) you have have a lot of running to do and a lot of cannabis to consume. Welcome to Denver, home of the fittest, healthiest, happiest and highest people in the country.

Denver is so high and so healthy – Connect for Health Colorado Cannabis!

Connect for health Colorado Cannabis yoga on the lake

In 2015, Denver ranked as the fourth healthiest city in the U.S, based on a measure of obesity, smoking (cigarettes), diabetes, and community components that allow better access to health care. In Denver, the obesity rate falls under 23 percent and cigarette smoking under 18 percent. Denver’s fitness index and percentage of residents who do some kind of physical activity are among the highest in the country. If you spend any period of time in the city, you will note how intensely people incorporate fitness into their lives. If you spend any period of time in LoHi, you will be subject to conversations about triathlons, summiting 14ers, cross fit, amongst other trendy and somewhat insane physical activities.

Not only are Denverites crushing 14ers on the weekends and telling you all about it, but also nearly 20 percent of the city’s residents admit to consuming marijuana. With a population exceeding 650,000, Denver has more dispensaries than Starbucks, McDonald’s and 7-Elevens combined.

Basically the good people of Denver are doing really intense physical activities, at high altitudes and doing it while many of them are super stoned. If this doesn’t uproot of all the archaic “stoner” stereotypes I don’t know what will. To that, I applaud Denver and it’s crazy athletes and pioneering Cannabis Industry for doing it all, really well, really high.

During your visit in Denver, make sure you drink a lot of water and wear sunscreen. Also, be sure to check out the amazing options for Colorado cannabis vacation packages, 420 friendly hotels, vaporizer rentals, 420 friendly transportation, 420 dispensary and grow tours, cannabis massages, and more!

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