Planning a 420 cannabis vacation to the Mile High City brings up a lot of questions about where to stay, what to see, and which of the state’s great outdoor spots to prioritize. For some, it may be the first time interacting with marijuana, for many others it will be the first time smoking the world’s best legal cannabis. Knowing the tips and tricks of locals will help prevent common mishaps, and ensure your Colorado cannabis vacation runs smoothly.


Know your limit

Not to sound like your mother, but pace yourself, son. Whether you’ve dabbled in dabbing or have never smoked before, understanding your 420 limitations is essential to a happy high. Colorado dispensaries can explain Colorado cannabis things like all the different kinds of weed strains, but knowing when you’re high enough and when to stop are also essential.

Beware of edibles

Edibles can be especially tricky for cannabis consumer newbies, as well as those new to Colorado’s world-class marijuana. The THC in edibles hits the system differently than when it is smoked, causing many inexperienced users to believe they need to eat more in order to feel the high. As many can attest, this leads to an intense high all at once, and one that doesn’t fade quickly. If you’re interested in edibles, talk to your budtender and follow the instructions to avoid (literally) biting off more than you can chew.

Don’t smoke a blunt on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol

Look, we get it. Colorado is fucking rad and smoking Colorado cannabis in an awesome city like Denver is pretty much like launching yourself into an adult Narnia. While ballot initiatives are underway to create safe spaces to consume cannabis in public, smoking in public is still currently illegal. This means a level of discretion is required with all things 420.

Being respectful to the community means saving your Colorado cannabis consumption for a time when children aren’t present, and ensuring you leave the park, mountains, ski lifts, etc. how you found them before you got super high. This is part of being a considerate adult, but it also helps prevent you from getting a public-consumption citation. On that note, you can also get a DUI for driving dirty, so throw some money at this problem and call an Uber or use 420 friendly transportation!

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