In this article, Citylab.com examines Weed Maps. Weed Maps is an app that people can use on their phone to locate local dispensaries, recreational locations, and more. City Lab calls it “A Yelp for Colorado’s Newly Legal Marijuana Industry”. Denver officials say they haven’t seen any flagrant violations of the ordinance against public consumption, and the Marijuana Enforcement Division hasn’t reported any violations of the strict product labeling and tracking guidelines. Some retailers are even going beyond Amendment 64’s requirements, asking shoppers to sign a “customer agreement” that outlines where you can use and who you can share with. This also means Colorado, despite efforts to avoid the reputation, is now open for pot tourism. Shoppers from out-of-state can buy up to a quarter ounce of marijuana at a given store, and they’re legally allowed to hit as many stores as they like. (Though, like Colorado residents, they cannot possess more than an ounce total). Read more about Weed Maps in this article.


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