Patrick Bailey


I’m a third generation culinary professional. I have been inside restaurant life since I was about six years old, taking every class and program I could find. I did a lot of learning from my family and my grandmothers on how to cook, which has been a major influence on my cooking style.

I was professionally trained at Johnson and Wales University, where I studied multiple types of cuisines and thousands of techniques to better perfect my craft before graduating with an associate degree in Culinary Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management.

Originally from California, I moved to Colorado in 2000 for college, then made it my home. With my style of cooking, I have fully embraced the cannabis industry and techniques to elevate full meals — not just high-intensity things to taste.

Favorite thing to buy at the dispensary:

Flower. As a person who uses cannabis, I find it helps me in the multiple ways. It’s relaxing, calming, and elevating. If you let it, it can open your mind to different ways of thinking and boost your creative energy.

Advice for visitors to Denver:

Educate yourself about cannabis while you’re here, and ask a lot of questions! Don’t be shy. That way, when you return to your home state, you can educate those around you and keep the truth alive.

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