I would love to live in a world where pizza was as healthy as vegetables, and dogs lived as long as people. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA but grew bored of great weather, and flew east for college, majoring in Neuropsychology and History at the University of Vermont. After graduation, a summer working with horses on a horse ranch, in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, turned out to be a two-year detour from plans to go to Grad School until one day I had the revelation that I had to get serious about life because the ranch world was not going to support my shoe habit. So, I moved to Denver.

In Denver, I helped build an Endodontic company from the ground up, where I did world-wide sales, marketing, and social media. Once that became self-sustaining, I decided to go into Tech sales…which I ended up finding so boring that I actually fell asleep in one of our regional meetings right before being honored for sales accomplishments. Soooo, that was right around when I knew I needed to get out of there ASAP and it is also when I heard that My 420 Tours was looking to hire an additional sales person.

At My 420 Tours, I have found my niche working with people who are excited about what we do every day, and being in an environment that encourages creativity and allows my adorable dog Bailey, to sit at my side. What could be better?!

What are you passionate about: Animals, music, any carb-cheese related food, and mimosas.

What is something that is interesting about you: I used to sit in on my dad’s Endodontic courses for fun and did my first successful root canal on an extracted tooth when I was 15 years old.

If you were going to a party what would you bring: Probably vodka gummy bears because who doesn’t love those?!

If you were a strain, what would you be: SweetTooth

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