Eric Weber


After high school, I stayed close to home here in Denver taking up various jobs before finding my way to the cannabis industry. I’ve done everything from managing the paint desk at a hardware store to working in the kitchen of a restaurant, where I advanced to the 2nd chef at the local restaurants Marvin Gardens Café and The Wellshire Inn. I still enjoy cooking to this day.

After leaving the restaurant industry I became a debt collector. I made my way up the ranks to become a unit manager and at 25 years old moved to Hawaii to be the General Manager.

Then, when cannabis was legalized here in my mile-high hometown, I heard the calling. Now I’m the guy on phone and chat, answering all your weed and travel questions. I am a native of Denver and couldn’t imagine a better spot to raise my son. He and I enjoy playing indoor sand volleyball.

Favorite thing to buy at the dispensary: I like caviar cones, of either the indica or sativa variety. Basically, it’s good marijuana with keef on top of it to make it more potent.

Advice for visitors in Denver: Drink Water. Lots of water. Also, visit Red Rocks Amphitheater, because it’s the best outdoor concert venue I’ve ever seen. I went to my first concert there when I was in 7th grade and I went to see Psychedelic Furs and Shot in the Dark with my math teacher and eight friends. I’ve gone to at least one concert a year there ever since.

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