Danny Schaefer left an executive position at a software company in 2012 to do something big. In his hometown of Denver, Colorado, groundbreaking cannabis legalization was attracting entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the country. With his business partner JJ Walker, he was the first to recognize the demand for cannabis-themed travel experiences in Colorado. Together, they packaged the first-ever cannabis tour in 2013 and launched a full-service agency, My 420 Tours, in early 2014.

In the years since then, Danny has helped pave the “wild west” of Colorado’s newest and most fragrant industry, bringing cannabis experiences into the travel mainstream. Danny is a long-time advocate for the medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational benefits of cannabis. He loves his role in educating newcomers and lifting the stigma surrounding its use. He can’t wait for the day when cannabis tours are as legal and popular as beer and wine tours in the US and beyond.

Favorite thing to buy at the dispensary: As a connoisseur, when I’m looking for a really top-shelf experience, I shop for flower — mostly using my nose. As a busy entrepreneur, I shop for vaporizers loaded with the best concentrates because they’re just so portable and convenient when you’re on the go.

Advice for visitors to Denver:  Explore the city. It’s a small city, and you can see a lot in one day — whether you’re walking, biking, or using city transport. Hipster restaurants, contemporary art, the historic Mint, and much more all within the same few square miles.

Denver is a rare “three nines” location. This means that in the same day, you can do nine runs at a nearby ski resort, play nine holes of golf, and catch nine innings of baseball. I make it a point to do a “three nines” day every year.

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VIP Grow & Dispensary Tour

Every Sat at 11AM
$89 Per Person
Learn. Explore. Enjoy. Discover! Tour a giant cultivation facility where you can learn about the cultivation of cannabis from clone to harvest.
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Budz & Sudz

Every Thu and Fri at 3PM
$69 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
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Cooking With Cannabis

Every Sun at 11AM
$99 Per Person
Learn. Immerse. Touch. Taste. Mix. Turn your love of cooking higher and learn how to make delicious cannabis-infused meals.
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