Cynthia Ord


I’m a Denver native, so I’ve watched this city sprout from a gritty mountain gateway to a trendy destination city and a Mecca for weed lovers. I’ll never forget standing in line on January 1st, 2014 — that historic day when the first recreational dispensaries opened their doors in the Mile High City.

Before My 420 Tours, I was doing communications and marketing for the adventure travel industry. I worked with local tour operators in far-flung locales like Tirana, Albania; Cochabamba, Bolivia; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’ve lived on five continents and traveled to over 30 countries only to realize there’s no place on Earth quite like Denver.

Favorite thing to buy at the dispensary: I like trying new innovations like infused bath salts and topicals. I’m also prone to impulse purchases of whatever edibles are on sale.

Advice for visitors in Denver: Take a walk in City Park at sunset, because the view of the downtown skyline against the Rocky Mountains with the lake’s boathouse in the foreground is timeless.

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Denver pot tours - sushi and joints

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Sushi. Joints. Denver-style. Refine your joint rolling technique and learn to roll sushi. Then feast on your creations.
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Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM
$59 Per Person
Denver’s Best Grow Tour. Explore Euflora’s greenhouse — one of few grows in Colorado that harnesses natural sunlight.
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Denver pot tours - cooking with cannabis

Cannabis Wellness Tour

Every Friday at 1pm
$99 Per Person
A Crossroads of Cannabis and Wellness.  Get clear on wellness benefits on an insiders’ visit to a grow & dispensary.
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