Austen Regehr


A Midwesterner at heart, I hail from McFarland, WI. a small suburb near Madison, WI. I’m new to the cannabis industry but not new to the culture. Of course, I enjoy consuming on a regular basis but my main passion is dispelling negative stereotypes and educating those who may have misconceptions about cannabis. People always say “don’t knock until you try it” but honestly you don’t even need to try it to understand it’s positive benefits. Disagree with me? Lets have a conversation.

Favorite thing to buy at a dispensary: For me, this is still flower. FLOWER POWER BABY! Sure, edibles and concentrates are great and they have their place, but for me flower is where it’s at. I love trying all of the different varieties and comparing them with others I’ve tried.

Best travel advice for visitors to Denver: Avoid I-70 like the plague if you plan to ski or snowboard. Make sure to visit Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods on your visit and you’ll be a happy camper. ← Back to the Full Team


Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM

$69 Per Person
Denver’s Best Grow Tour. Explore Euflora’s greenhouse — one of few grows in Colorado that harnesses natural sunlight.
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Denver pot tours - beer and weed

Buds & Beers: A Grow & Brewery Tour

Every Thu, Fri and Sat at 2PM

$89 Per Person
A Cannabis-themed Beer Tour. Get lit like the locals on a party bus to a grow house, dispensaries, & a craft brewery.
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Denver pot tours - sushi and joints

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM

$79 Per Person
Sushi. Joints. Denver-style. Refine your joint rolling technique and learn to roll sushi. Then feast on your creations.
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