Alyse Morgan


I’m from a small town in the Colorado Rockies. My parents used to grow pot in the “wild west” days before regulations and testing. That is where I gained my first knowledge of cannabis. I worked food service before My 420 Tours — both front- and back-of-house positions. When not on the tour bus, I’m pursuing a degree in linguistics.

Favorite thing to buy at the dispensary: I have fallen in love with live resin. I dab to sleep, and it works every time!

Advice for visitors to Denver: I know more about the Denver food scene than Yelp and TripAdvisor combined. Denver’s best-kept secret is Machete Tacos. Ask me for a personalized restaurant recommendation.

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Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue - Fri at 11AM
$79 Per Person
Denver’s Best Grow Tour. Explore Euflora’s greenhouse -- one of few grows in Colorado that harnesses natural sunlight.
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Cannabis Massage

Every day, 8AM - 8PM
From $115 Per Person
Mile High Massage Therapy. Pamper your body, mind, and soul with a soothing cannabis massage treatment.
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Denver pot tours - beer and weed

Buds & Beers: A Grow & Brewery Tour

Every Thu, Fri and Sat at 2PM
$89 Per Person
A Cannabis-themed Beer Tour. Get lit like the locals on a party bus to a grow house, dispensaries, & a craft brewery.
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