My 420 Tours Team

Justin (JJ) | CEO

My passion is sharing legal cannabis experiences with the world. I have have eight years experience in the cannabis industry including owning a dispensary and grow, producer of several major cannabis events, festivals, conventions, and started the first cannabis tourism company in North America, My 420 Tours. My mission is to continue pushing forward the way people experience cannabis. Read More

Danny | COO

Danny has over 9 years of experience in management, data and technology including ownership in a SAAS provider of custom web and contact center solutions. His favorite strain is Green Crack. Read More


I would love to live in a world where pizza was as healthy as vegetables, and dogs lived as long as people. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA but grew bored of great weather, and flew east for college, majoring in Neuropsychology and History at the University of Vermont. After graduation, a summer working with horses on a horse ranch, in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, turned out to be a two-year detour from plans to go to Grad School until one day I had the revelation that I had to get serious about life because the ranch world was not going to support my shoe habit. So, I moved to Denver. Read More

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