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How to Tell if Vaping is Safe?

By Ben Owens Is Vaping Safe?The short answer, it’s the same as trusting the fruit you eat or the meat you cook is safe; you can hope and trust it is but at the end of the day, unless you grew and extracted your own cannabis, assembled and filled the vape yourself, or...

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Special Edition “PRIDE” Tours 6/14-15

PRIDE FEST IS FINALLY HERE!   LAST YEARS RECAPLast year the My 420 Tours Squad got into their PRIDE-fest best by entering the parade for the finale on Sunday.  We teamed up with some of our local partners, distributed some cool gifts and discounts for the...

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Report: Cannabis is GOOD NEWS for Denver

New Denver Report Shows an Increase in Tax Revenue and a Decline in Marijuana-Related Crime This recap originally appeared on Denvergov.org DENVER – Retail marijuana sales and projected marijuana tax revenue are up, and marijuana-related crime...

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Our Cannabis Wellness Tour Made CBS News 4 Denver!

Our Cannabis Wellness Tour Made CBS News 4 Denver! The Verde Natural Wellness Tour Launch Party was a big success. Onto a full tour bus of excited tour-goers, we also invited local newscaster Joel Hillan of CBS News 4 Denver and his camera crew. They...

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Denver’s First-Ever Cannabis Wellness Tour

Visitors and Locals Alike Find Guidance to Medicating with Marijuana “Start low and go slow.” Gage, the tour guide of Denver’s newest tour, is full of advice like this. As he leads Denver’s first-ever Cannabis Wellness Tour, he teaches guests about safe dosage of...

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Cannabis Cooking Class Featured on NBC’s The Today Show

The team at My 420 Tours was thrilled to greet the NBC cameramen for a special cannabis cooking class last Friday. We were then featured on The Today Show in a story about the booming edibles industry.   “Here, they cook with marijuana.” NBC’s Today Show anchor...

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We’re Big In Japan

Denver’s 4/20 events documented on Japanese “Curious USA” This past 4/20 season, we got an awesome media request from all the way across the Pacific. Naoki Akimoto of Dwango Media in Japan was planning his journalistic trip to Denver to witness the 4/20 phenomenon. As...

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Colorado Named Home to America’s “Pot Trail”

No matter what happens anywhere else in the world, Colorado will always be the home of the original “pot trail” and we’re happy to be the pioneers blazing the way. This April we got a visit from Natalia Angulo-Hinkson, an all-star reporter at Circa news. We had a...

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My 420 Tours in the L.A. Times

My 420 Tours in the Los Angeles Times - Exploring Colorado's cannabis tourism scene in Denver By ROSEMARY MCCLURE  | The Los Angeles Times ...Enter My 420 Tours, one of a handful of companies in the city getting in on the pot industry by offering a variety of tours,...

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My 420 Tours in The New York Times

Taking a Trip, Literally, on Colorado’s Pot Trail By ALAN FEUER | The New York Times ... I should note from the start that I’m not much of a smoker. While bourbon doesn’t last long on my shelf, I get high, at most, a few times a year. That’s why I appreciated the...

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My 420 Tours Featured in Travel + Leisure

420 Travel - Is Smoking Pot the New Disneyland for the Family? by Vauhini Vara | Travel + Leisure  | 420 Travel In 2014, Colorado and Washington became the first states to allow recreational pot. Oregon and Alaska followed in 2015 and 2016. Danny Schaefer, a young,...

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WFMY News covers My 420 Tours

In this video, NBC News goes behind the scenes of Marijuana Tourism. While the state’s Amendment 64 legalized recreational use of marijuana last November, the laws on cannabis commerce are still being worked out and aren’t expected to be resolved until early next...

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Crime Reduced in Colorado due to people smoking weed

In this blog, The Independant writes about crime being reduced in Colorado, due to people smoking weed. Crime in Denver, the capital of Colorado, has dropped by 10 per cent since last year - reassuring those who feared it would rise after the first legal marijuana...

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