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My 420 Tours in the News

We’re Big In Japan

Denver’s 4/20 events documented on Japanese “Curious USA” This past 4/20 season, we got an awesome media request from all the way across the Pacific. Naoki Akimoto of Dwango Media in Japan was planning his journalistic trip to Denver to witness the 4/20 phenomenon. As...

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Colorado Named Home to America’s “Pot Trail”

No matter what happens anywhere else in the world, Colorado will always be the home of the original “pot trail” and we’re happy to be the pioneers blazing the way. This April we got a visit from Natalia Angulo-Hinkson, an all-star reporter at Circa news. We had a...

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My 420 Tours in the L.A. Times

My 420 Tours in the Los Angeles Times - Exploring Colorado's cannabis tourism scene in Denver By ROSEMARY MCCLURE  | The Los Angeles Times ...Enter My 420 Tours, one of a handful of companies in the city getting in on the pot industry by offering a variety of tours,...

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My 420 Tours in The New York Times

Taking a Trip, Literally, on Colorado’s Pot Trail By ALAN FEUER | The New York Times ... I should note from the start that I’m not much of a smoker. While bourbon doesn’t last long on my shelf, I get high, at most, a few times a year. That’s why I appreciated the...

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My 420 Tours Featured in Travel + Leisure

420 Travel - Is Smoking Pot the New Disneyland for the Family? by Vauhini Vara | Travel + Leisure  | 420 Travel In 2014, Colorado and Washington became the first states to allow recreational pot. Oregon and Alaska followed in 2015 and 2016. Danny Schaefer, a young,...

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My 420 Tours Featured on Entrepreneur Network

Entrepreneur Network 4:20 Report: Join Maura Gaughan from re_define work LIVE in Denver for an interview with Danny Schaefer, the CEO of My 420 Tours - the nation's first cannabis tourism company. — with Michael Donnelly, Maura Gaughan, My 420 Tours and re_define...

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WFMY News covers My 420 Tours

In this video, NBC News goes behind the scenes of Marijuana Tourism. While the state’s Amendment 64 legalized recreational use of marijuana last November, the laws on cannabis commerce are still being worked out and aren’t expected to be resolved until early next...

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Crime Reduced in Colorado due to people smoking weed

In this blog, The Independant writes about crime being reduced in Colorado, due to people smoking weed. Crime in Denver, the capital of Colorado, has dropped by 10 per cent since last year - reassuring those who feared it would rise after the first legal marijuana...

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The Boulder Weekly covers The Myth of Cannabis and Teens

In this article, The Boulder Weekly writes about the myth of cannabis and teens. In her own perspective, Leland Ruter writes about a survey, The National Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The survey managed by the national Centers for Disease Control, analyzes health-risk...

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Cannabis Supporters Push for Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

Cannabis supporters, buoyed by a series of small victories in Kentucky over the past two years, hope to use their momentum to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky. Wednesday state lawmakers held their second public hearing this year on the issue, taking testimony...

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Uruguay to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis

In this article, The Globe and Mail writes about Uruguay, which recently passed a law making it the first country to legalize the production and sale of cannabis, will also allow doctors to prescribe the drug to treat certain medical conditions, the country’s health...

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Chicago Welcomes Cannabis Convention

​As Illinois prepares to get its medical marijuana program up and running, the pot industry converged on Chicago this past weekend to push the drug’s health benefits and increase awareness. The event took place on Saturday and Sunday, with local officials, marijuana...

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Foria Lubricant laced with cannabis oil

Cannabis is said to heighten your sense of smell and taste, and now it could boost sexual pleasure too. A Californian company has created ‘sensual enhancement oil’ for women, which is made from a mixture of coconut and cannabis oils.  And it claims the oil can result...

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Cannabis now helping dogs and cats

In this article, The Pet Economy writes about cannabis influenced on dogs and cats. Georgia, a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a medical marijuana patient. Kelly Conway, Georgia's owner, takes some heat when she tells friends about the unorthodox...

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