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Hottest 420-Friendly Denver Events Calendars

420 FOMO? Don’t miss out on all the Denver cannabis happenings. Events calendars and apps are easy to come by — new ones spring up all the time. But are they the complete package? Depends what you’re looking for. The sexiest Denver events calendar would be like... read more

We’re Big In Japan

Denver’s 4/20 events documented on Japanese “Curious USA” This past 4/20 season, we got an awesome media request from all the way across the Pacific. Naoki Akimoto of Dwango Media in Japan was planning his journalistic trip to Denver to witness the 4/20 phenomenon. As... read more

Does Mom Smoke Weed?

Does your mom smoke weed? That’s the question on the table at the My 420 Tours office as everyone makes plans for Mother’s Day. We have the full spectrum here. A few of us grew up in strict prohibition households. Some of us inherited our cannabis affinity from Mom.... read more

My 420 Tours Listed Among “Mindblowing” Weed Jobs

Weed jobs are hot. Reporting on the booming legal cannabis industry, The List picked out three fascinating weed businesses that are creating jobs in mindblowing ways. My 420 Tours is thrilled to be listed. We have much love for the fellow ganjapreneurs who were listed... read more

420 Denver: A Survival Guide

Dos and Don’ts for Staying Safe and Legal Denver is all abuzz in April. This year, we’ve got high wattage sunshine in the forecast and some of the most anticipated 4/20 celebrations in the world. Thanks to Colorado’s first-of-their kind recreational marijuana... read more

Get Your 420 On The Block Discount Tickets HERE

on sale now for $33 This 4/20, My 420 Tours and World Cannabis Week want to hook you up with a deep discount on tickets to 420 On The Block. Tickets for 420 On The Block are available through the event website for $42 plus a $4.62 fee. Or, save yourself $14 and stop... read more

420 On The Block, Welcome to the Denver 4/20 Scene

What is 420 On The Block? Simply put, 420 On The Block is the biggest, highest block party Denver has ever seen. It’s a multi-venue event celebrating April 20th in Denver, CO along South Broadway. Kicking off at 4:20pm on 4/20, the block party will feature the best... read more

Best 420 Events, Parties, and Live Music in Denver

The Mile High City has a full calendar of cannabis-centric events for the week of April 20, 2017 Head to Denver for 420 festivities. Four years after the legalization of recreational marijuana, the state of Colorado and its capital Denver is the place to blaze it on... read more

Cannabis Cup Denver 2017? Not This Year

What’s better than Cannabis Cup Denver 2017? World Cannabis Week 2017 – Denver, Colorado The OG of cannabis festivals, World Cannabis Week (presented by Buddy Boy Brands) is once again taking over the Mile High City to celebrate – and educate – visitors... read more

Best 4/20 Classes and Experiences in Denver

April is the perfect time of year to celebrate the 420 Denver season with a cannabis-centric experience. It’s that time of year again. Free birds and high flyers flock to Denver from all over to celebrate 4/20, the universal code for cannabis. April 20 has grown to... read more

Countdown to World Cannabis Week 2017

The countdown has begun! Just 21 days until 4/20, which is basically Denver’s version of Mardi Gras. Start building up your THC tolerance now. This year 4/20 falls on a Thursday, which means the Denver 420 events and festivities will be blazing all week long. Mark... read more

DEA May Finally Admit Cannabis is Not Like Heroine

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is considering the ramifications of reclassifying cannabis from a Schedule I classification to Schedule 2. There are five possible classification tiers, with Schedule 1 including drugs claimed to be most severe and have links to... read more

Living the High Life

Denver, Colorado is known as the “Mile High City” because of its location one mile above sea level, making it literally, one of the highest major cities in the U.S. High life! The good people of Denver are not only 5,280 feet above sea level, but nearly 20 percent of... read more

World Cannabis Week: Colorado’s Cannabis R(evolution)

In the late summer of 1937, Samuel Caldwell, a 58-year-old unemployed farmhand was arrested his Denver apartment at 17th and Lawrence Streets for possession of three pounds of marijuana. About a month earlier, Congress had effectively criminalized the possession of... read more

Top 5 Things to Do When You’re High: A Local’s Guide

When you live in Denver, Colorado, the great weather, extraordinary restaurants, and bountiful events are always beckoning you to go on awesome urban adventures. In fact, sometimes it is a bit too awesome and I wish it would rain so that I can stay inside and watch... read more

Things to Do in Denver During the Cannabis Cup

Things to Do in Denver During the Cannabis Cup 2016 Cannabis Cup Moves to Pueblo, What About Denver? High Times Cannabis Cup Denver has definitely gained worldwide exposure (and deservedly so) with the largest Cannabis event in the world, but this year’s plans are now... read more

For Immediate Release – World Cannabis Week 2016

For Immediate Release – World Cannabis Week 2016 MEDIA ALERT   |   MEDIA ALERT    |    MEDIA ALERT For Immediate Release WORLD CANNABIS WEEK 2016 Denver, CO (February 17, 2016) – With the 2016 Cannabis Cup in limbo, The 4th Annual World Cannabis Week 2016,... read more

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate in Denver!

Top 10 ways to Celebrate in Denver! Whether it’s a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary, love, or another milestone, there isn’t a better place to celebrate than here in Denver. We’ve gathered the top 10 ways to celebrate in style in the Mile High City... read more
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