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Dabbing Lifestyle – 7/10: The New Dabbing Holiday

Dabbing Holiday! On July 10, dabbers all over the country will be celebrating their adoration for the lifestyle and cannabis consumption method that they hold dear to their hearts. Of course, dabbers nationwide will most likely celebrate by doing what they love most...

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What is Synthetic Marijuana? Cannabasics

Also known as spice or K2, synthetic marijuana is made when chemicals are sprayed onto herbs that resemble marijuana’s look and texture (think dried oregano or basil). The chemicals can also be vaporized, and aim to replicate THC. In other words, there is no way in...

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The Top 5 Most Funny Weed Tweets: Cannabasics

The Top 5 Most Funny Weed Tweets: Cannabasics   Whether you’re planning your trip to the recreational dispensary in Denver or simply enjoying 420, the Twitterverse will keep you laughing with its weed-related commentary. Here are your top five funny weed tweets that...

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What Are Moon Rocks and How Do I Get Some? Cannabasics

If you’re ever at a party and someone asks you if you want to smoke some Moon Rocks, you have every right to have flash backs to D.A.R.E. in middle school. When you immediately agree to smoke all the Moon Rocks you can get your humanoid hands on, proceed with some...

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Top 5 Weed Pairings for Everyday Experiences: Cannabasics

Long gone are the days where your only options for marijuana strains was whatever your weed guy had in his pocket. In 2016, in places like the lovely Denver, Colorado, there is practically a strain for any and every day time activity you can think of doing - Smoke...

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Smoke Weed Instead: Opiates Proven to Cause Chronic Pain

Smoke Weed Instead: Opiates Proven to Cause Chronic Pain A recent study at Colorado University, Boulder demonstrated two significant findings. The first finding is that rats are still tortured incessantly for the sake of science. The second being that even brief...

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Consume Weed for the First Time? How to… Cannabasics

How to Consume weed for the first time? In 2016, in Denver, Colorado, there are unlimited answers to the question: How do I consume weed for the first time? It seems like there are endless ways of consuming weed, some of them are easy, others a bit more complicated....

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Marijuana Dispensary – 5 Things to Know Before Visiting

5 Things to Know Before Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary: Cannabasics If you are planning a trip to a marijuana dispensary on your 420 friendly vacation in Colorado, then your first experience may be a combination of surreal and overwhelming. But, fret not, your first...

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The Best Stoner Things to Do in Denver for Memorial Day

The Best Stoner Things to Do in Denver for Memorial Day 1. Film on the Rocks featuring The Big Lebowski Monday, May 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM 18300 West Alameda Parkway Morrison, CO 80465 $15 General Admission One of all time most fun things to do in Denver is Film on the...

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420 Friendly Tips for Trips to Red Rocks

If you are coming to Denver, Colorado for the 420 friendly tips to have a vacation of a lifetime, then you must make it to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Red Rocks is a magical geological phenomenon and the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the...

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How to Rent-A-Vaporizer on your Colorado Weed Vacation

How to Rent-A-Vaporizer on your Colorado Weed Vacation You know it is 2016, when you can rent-a-vaporizer, like you would rent a car on your Colorado weed vacation. In so many ways, renting a vaporizer to smoke world class marijuana on your vacation in Colorado makes...

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Cannabis is the Same as Marijuana: Cannabasics

What marijuana is commonly called varies by country, region, decade and formality. However, since the legalization in 24 states and D.C., marijuana is now more commonly referred to as cannabis, commonly misspelled as "cannibus" and "canabis." Also, when something is...

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Denver Ranked Number One City in the U.S.

Denver, Colorado is the best damn city in the country and anyone who disagrees can...read this article. But seriously, you don't have to take my word for it. This year, Denver was ranked the number one best place to live by U.S. News and World Report. Despite the fact...

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Connect for Health Colorado Cannabis

Connect for Health Colorado Cannabis! If you are visiting Denver you have just had the rudest awakening of your young life. You thought you were healthy. You ran everyday in Nebraska, did yoga often and ate a balanced diet of meat, potatoes and whole milk. As your...

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