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THE ETIQUETTE OF THE SMOKE CIRCLE By Travis Crane Welcome to the smoke circle. Whether you’re a longtime dabber or first-time dabbler in cannabis, be aware that certain rules apply. An experienced cannabis lover may know these unspoken rules of the circle,...

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Blucifer: Denver Airport’s Haunting Blue Horse of Doom

The lore of El Mesteño, aka Blucifer, and the legendary artist Luis Jimenez who was crushed to death during its making. by Garrett Grams “It will forever incite dialogue.” - Michael Hancock (then president of the Denver City Council, now current Mayor of...

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The Internet’s Dankest Weed Memes, All In One Place

by Travis CraneAnyone can make a meme about anything these days, including cannabis. Where do weed memes come from? That’s like asking who invented grilled cheese sandwiches.Wherever they came from, it doesn’t take long to find a stockpile of...

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How to Stop the Munchies

by Travis Crane Oh, the munchies. How sweet and yet salty they are. There’s nothing like eating everything in the fridge after ripping a fat bowl to the point that you become a vegetable (even though you probably didn’t eat any of those in your raid of all...

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Weed Measurements: A Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about weed quantities By Travis Crane Cannabis has come a long way since it was made illegal in the 1930s, with new methods of growing, cultivating, and manufacturing sprouting up over the years. There is one thing about cannabis that has...

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Denver Trend Alert: Weed and Exercise

How to Lift Your Workout with CannabisBy Travis CraneWeed and exercise. These two things would seem like the last activities to ever work together, yet a new movement of weed-inspired exercise trends has made a big splash in the cannabis and fitness...

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Colorado Weed Trip: Why to Book One

The Top 10 Reasons Travelers Book Weed Tours by Garrett Grams You wanna take a cannabis tour? Um … does Snoop Dogg wanna smoke weed? There’s no question that visitors to Colorado are interested in a guided weed trip. But what brings them here? We wanted to understand...

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Cannabis and Cancer: Monica and Janie’s Journey

People join us here in Denver for cannabis tours for many different reasons. Most are seeking a unique Colorado experience during their travels, and many are celebrating milestone life events like a 30th birthday party or a bachelor party. More and more, we’re...

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Denver Bachelor Party Ideas and Essentials

A Complete Guide for Groomsmen in the Mile High CityBy Garrett GramsIt’s time for some debauchery in the mile-high city. The groom is looking to you for an experience that will celebrate the last days of his single life, and Denver has everything you need to send him...

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21 Lit 21st Birthday Party Ideas

21 Ways to Ring in Adulthood Where Weed Is Legal by Travis Crane 21st birthdays aren’t just a celebration of being able to drink and (in some lucky states) buy cannabis legally. They’re a rite of passage into full-blown adulthood and all the real-life responsibilities...

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First Time Dabbing

Are you ready for the rig?By Travis CraneShatter, wax, budder, crumble, rosin, high terpene full spectrum, hash oil. Ordinarily, for people on their first time dabbing, there’s a lot to learn about marijuana concentrates. For instance, If you’re about to do you first...

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Freezing Marijuana: Good or Bad Idea?

How to store your cannabis correctlyBy Travis CraneThe cannabis plant is full of wonder and yet-to-be-discovered health benefits in addition to those traits already helping people who medicate with THC for a multiplicity of ailments. However, with recreational...

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How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In?

A Guide to Edibles for Beginners By Travis Crane Recreational and medical marijuana has come a long way since Colorado first legalized adult use in 2012. The saying "not your father’s weed" has become truer than ever, as new testing and growing methods have led to...

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It’s Date Night, Denver. Do Something Dope.

12 Ways to Get the Sparks Flying in the Mile High Cityby Garrett GramsDinner and a movie is boring. You’ve done that before, you’re over it, and you’re out of ideas. Why else would you be poking around the interwebs and searching “date night Denver” for some...

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What Does 420 Friendly Mean?

We’ve searched Craigslist, OKCupid, and Airbnb to answer the question "what does 420 friendly mean?" Here in Denver, CO the 420 friendliness level is very high. There are lots of flavors of “friendly”. Kid friendly. Smoker friendly. Gay friendly. Family friendly. Pet...

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Church of Cannabis: A Must-See in Denver

Meet the International Church of Cannabis, the newest addition to Denver’s vibrant weedscape. The church is a non-profit and the world’s first large venue where cannabis smokers are allowed to toke legally and with the full constitutional protection of freedom of...

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Who Will Be The First Legal Marijuana Cafes In Denver?

Marijuana Cafes Won the Vote Good news for sociable cannabis lovers! Marijuana cafes are on the brink of becoming a reality in Denver after Initiative 300 was approved by the voting public in November 2016. 53% of the voters agreed to the idea of putting a new pilot...

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