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Four Dope Day Trips from Denver

Denver is an amazing city, but where do you go when you want to get away from the urban grind? Here are the top day trips from Denver. By Michael Green Denver’s a pretty chill place. It’s full-bloom city with a thriving art/food scene. It also happens to...

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What is Live Resin?

The My 420 Tours team dives deep into live resin. Find out what live resin is, and why we love this “champagne” of cannabis concentrates.

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420 Friendly Restaurants in Denver?

Recommendations from the My 420 Tours TeamLet's be straight right out the gate -- there are no licensed 420-friendly restaurants in Denver. Yet. As far as public consumption goes, Denver doesn't have the Amsterdam-style coffee shops, bars, etc. that allow patrons to...

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Top 10 Weed Blogs We Love

These weed blogs cover a wide range of topics: Sex and marijuana, marijuana laws, research, recipes…even artificial intelligence! Whether you’re a soccer mom who smokes or a doctor curious about the healing qualities of cannabis, get ready to fall down the rabbit hole of weed blogs.

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Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas and Essentials

A Complete Guide for Bridesmaids in the Mile High City by Alyse Morgan As the wedding day draws near, girls go big for the bride’s last days as a single woman. Maids of honor, sisters, and bridesmaid besties, listen up. It is your responsibility to send...

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LIT 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for fun 40th birthday party ideas? 420-friendly Denver, Colorado is full of fun celebration ideas. Take a trip to the Mile High City with your pack. Cheers to 40!

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Is Cannabis an Opioid Exit Drug?

Science suggests cannabis can ease withdrawalBy Alyse MorganIt’s no mystery that opioid addiction has reached epidemic levels in the United States. 2015 alone saw with 33,000 fatal overdoses. Over half of said opioid-related deaths were caused by...

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Denver Pot Shops: Myth vs Truth

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado to check out the bud scene and shop at Denver pot shops, or perhaps even thinking about moving to Denver, you’re probably pretty familiar with the actual act of smoking cannabis. Perhaps you’ve even baked a...

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How Many Dispensaries are in Denver, Colorado?

More than Starbucks and McDonalds Combined If you’re not from Denver, you probably have a few preconceived notions of our state’s Cannabis scene. You’ve probably got a lot of questions, too, like ‘Just how many dispensaries are in Denver?’ or ‘What do...

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Denver Vacation Tips from the My 420 Tours Team

You’ve booked your flight to Denver. You’ve found a place to stay -- whether it’s a vacation rental or one of Denver’s infamous 420-friendly hotels. Your Denver vacation is shaping up pretty nicely. But what will you do once you’re there?Don’t fret --...

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Denver Brewery Tours with a Twist

The Best Way to Denver’s Heart is Through Its FlightsDenver is booming, and its craft scene is booming right along with it. Now visitors can take in the best of the city on one of the Denver brewery tours. It’s hard to say you’ve seen a neighborhood...

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Denver Recreational Dispensaries: Our Favorite Things to Buy

See Inside the Dispensary Bags of the My 420 Tours TeamIt’s culture shock. That moment when out-of-towners (flatlanders, as we tend to call them) come to the Mile High City, and they visit the Denver recreational dispensaries for the first time. They walk through the...

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Denver’s First-Ever Cannabis Wellness Tour

Visitors and Locals Alike Find Guidance to Medicating with Marijuana “Start low and go slow.” Gage, the tour guide of Denver’s newest tour, is full of advice like this. As he leads Denver’s first-ever Cannabis Wellness Tour, he teaches guests about safe dosage of...

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Moving to Denver for the Bud and Beyond

A Guide for Pot Plant Transplants Like Me by Garrett Grams I moved to Denver for the marijuana. There, I admitted it. Can we move on now? But seriously, I did, and even though it was to work on a hemp farm, it still counts. I feel no shame in admitting...

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