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Happy Pi Day! Cooking With Marijuana: Pie Five Ways

Best holiday after 420? March 14, a.k.a. Pi Day. Once a cult holiday reserved for Rainman types who look for patterns in numbers and memorize Pi up to its 20th digit, the day has now gone mainstream and reached those who can only recite up to 3.14159 and just love... read more

Where Do You Get Quality Marijuana Seeds? Cannabasics

Since cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug, illegal at the federal level, knowing where to get quality marijuana seeds can be a challenge. To add insult to injury, marijuana laws are different in every state which can make the whole process of getting seeds more... read more

The Origins of Kushes, Hazes and Landrace Strains

If you smoke modern day hybrid cannabis strains then, you have to embrace the history of the plants that made all of your favorite strains possible. If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of Kushes and Hazes, then look no further.   The real OG About 12,000 years... read more

Top Stoner Tips for Football Season

No matter which team you’re cheering on this football season, the sport is sure to bring about moments of exhalation, frustration, and everything in-between. While booze remains the primary staple to football diets across America, a growing number of cannabis-friendly... read more

Japan’s Secret Cannabis History

Today, if you get caught with weed in Japan, you can do 5 years behind bars and most likely your career and your life will be ruined forever. In fact, present-day Japan has some of the strictest anti-cannabis laws in the world. Japan used to be kind of heady However,... read more

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? Cannabasics

Many cannabis users have found themselves seeking answers to one crucial question: How long does marijuana stay in your system? This may be because “Shit, am I going to pass this drug test?” brings convoluted search results. So what’s the deal The rate at which... read more

How to Know What Weed Strain to Buy

Venturing into the legal cannabis world can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve only bought weed from a sketchy dealer in an alley. If you’re planning a Colorado trip, where cannabis is legal, you’ll want to start is identifying a weed strain that works best... read more

Four Reasons to Take 420 Friendly Transportation to Red Rocks

Whether you are from Colorado or planning a visit, Red Rocks is a must-see. Famed for it’s unique concert-going experience and the famous acts that have performed there, it encapsulates the beauty of music, nature, and community. Whether you’re hoping to catch a... read more

How to Make Cannabis Oil

Those looking to move beyond solely smoking weed can test culinary skills and explore the wonderful world of cannabis oil. Also commonly referred to as dabs, shatter, wax, or marijuana oil, it is made by extracting the resin from cannabis flowers. After extraction,... read more

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Lobby against Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has long been viewed as a possible treatment  for a variety of ailments. New reports are showing a correlation between medical cannabis and fewer prescription medications filled in those states that have legalized the plant. The financial impact is... read more

How to Smoke Weed Everyday and Still Be Productive

Finding realistic ways to be productive when you smoke weed everyday is critical, even in Denver, Colorado. Smoking marijuana daily might make your job more tolerable, your food more delicious and your friends less annoying. But how do you strike a balance between a... read more

Medicine Man: One of the Best Weed Strains in Denver

Respected for its ability to reduce pain associated with migraines and other chronic conditions, Medicine Man is one of the most popular strains in Denver. Combining Afghan, Indian, and Brazilian strains, this powerful kush packs in high levels of THC and CBD for a... read more

How Not to Ruin Your Colorado Cannabis Vacation

Planning a 420 cannabis vacation to the Mile High City brings up a lot of questions about where to stay, what to see, and which of the state’s great outdoor spots to prioritize. For some, it may be the first time interacting with marijuana, for many others it will be... read more

DEA May Finally Admit Cannabis is Not Like Heroine

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is considering the ramifications of reclassifying cannabis from a Schedule I classification to Schedule 2. There are five possible classification tiers, with Schedule 1 including drugs claimed to be most severe and have links to... read more

Essential Tips for Stoners Who Play Pokemón GO

Getting stoned and walking around aimlessly is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer days. But walking has been revolutionized the last couple of weeks, at least for those enamored with Pokemón GO. The app that lets you catch and collect mythical creatures can be... read more

The Challenges of Proving the Health Benefits of Marijuana

Medical research on the strengths and limitations of cannabis are limited. Due to marijuana remaining illegal under federal law, researchers struggle to ascertain funding and legal protection for studying the true health benefits of marijuana. One study from 2007,... read more

Medical Marijuana Saves $165 Million for Medicare

Marijuana is a money-making industry, with dispensaries, tourism, and cannabis culture spreading across states like Colorado and Washington. Now that time has passed, some pretty empowering trends are starting to emerge in the data, particularly when it comes to the... read more
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