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420 Dating On Board a Cannabis Tour

Looking for high romance on the 420 dating scene? Find out how cannabis culture compares to the bar scene when it comes to dating, and ask us anything about 420 dating.

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8 Reasons to Book a Cannabis Tour Today

Whether you’re exploring the cannabis industry from a business perspective, reconnecting with family and friends, or revisiting a favorite city, a cannabis tour is the way to go.

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WIN $1000 in CBD Products and Wellness Experiences!

New Year, New You. Enter to WIN $1000 in CBD products and wellness experiences in our NEW YOU CBD GIVEAWAY! Experience the benefits of CBD with products from Steve's Goods, Ambary Gardens and Vesl CBD Treat yourself to Mile High wellness experiences in...

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Cannabis Oil

Welcome to the Smoke-free Frontier of Cannabis. Surely you have heard the buzz about cannabis oil, but how much do you know about what it is and what it does?

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Dank Facts about Colorado

(and facts about the local cannabis scene) Looking for fun facts about Colorado? The My 420 Tours team is a bunch of trivia geeks. We're also natives and locals who know a TON about our beautiful home state of Colorado, our mile-high hometown of Denver,...

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A Tale of Two Cannabinoids By Mia Jane THC and CBD are two buzzwords that seem to be on everyone’s lips when they have got cannabis on the brain. Being the two most well-known cannabinoids make it no surprise that these two acronyms have got everyone...

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Smokin’ Holiday Deals this Thanksgiving Weekend ONLY

Your Black Friday just got extra hazy. This Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to pull the trigger on the 420 tour or vacation you've been imagining all year. We have two smokin' deals this weekend only. Do your 420 travel shopping this Black Friday...

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Does Cannabis Affect Fertility?

The Truth About Fertility And Smoking Marijuana By Chris Barry Although there’s still no definitive answer to the question of whether marijuana users have more difficulty trying to conceive, much of the research has suggested smoking cannabis does have a...

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Weed Gift Ideas for Basically Everyone

THE ULTIMATE 420 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 In today’s legal weedscape, there are as many kinds of cannabis users as there are cannabis products on the shelves. The team at My 420 Tours has its fingers on the pulse of the latest and greatest weed gift ideas....

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How to Stop Being High

Up too high? We’ll help you get back down. Here are the best 6 tips for how to stop being high when it’s hitting too hard.

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