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Report: Cannabis is GOOD NEWS for Denver

New Denver Report Shows an Increase in Tax Revenue and a Decline in Marijuana-Related Crime This recap originally appeared on Denvergov.org DENVER – Retail marijuana sales and projected marijuana tax revenue are up, and marijuana-related crime...

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5 Fun Things to Do High in Colorado

 Welcome to the holy land of legal cannabis.  Are you looking for entertainment while enjoying the Rocky Mountain High that we’re famous for? Or, maybe you’ve lived here for years and are looking for something to do once you’ve sparked up? Notably, there are so many...

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Best 420 Events In Town

Denver 420 Events: 2019 EditionBy Ben OwensWhether you’re local to Denver or just visiting, 4/20 is always a celebration, and there’s no shortage of Denver 420 events. Denver’s starting the party early on Wednesday, 4/17, with a women’s cannabis gathering...

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Cannabis House Bill 19-1230

Colorado Cannabis Bill Aims to Regulate Public Consumption Colorado was one of the first to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2012. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s been all high times for the Centennial State. Amendment 64 allowed for the...

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WIN $1500 in Red Rocks Tix, 420 Tours, and Vape Gear!

Time to celebrate, 420 is upon us.Enter to WIN $1500 in Red Rocks Tickets, My 420 Tours - "Buds & Beers", and tons of cool vape accessories in our ULTIMATE 420 GIVEAWAY!Enjoy your cannabis holiday with products from GRAV, OIlmate, Boundless Technologies, and Vesl...

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How To Clean a Glass Pipe

Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Resin and GrimeBy Ben OwensCannabis users love glassware. Among the most commonly used devices for enjoying cannabis (rivaling the trusted pack of pre-rolled joints), glass pipes and bowls are often among the dirtiest as...

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Stoner Stereotypes, Busted

When it comes to stoner stereotypes, you probably don’t need to strain your brain to come up with some examples. Let’s decide if they hold any bong water.

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